Logistics News | March 2022-Latest Update On EU Airspace

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World's longest passenger flisght palns to avoid russian skies

Source: Bloomberg

In light of current geopolitical events, Airlines are looking to take a 3,600 km detour for passenger flights. This rerouting, however, may not ease air cargo struggles.

One of the globe’s most prominent air carriers, Cathay Pacific, has planned a contingency route to bypass Russian airspace due to the on-going geopolitical events. For its New York – Hong Kong flight, the airline will fly directly over a total distance of 16,618 kilometers (10,326 miles), making it the longest flight in the world.

the world’s longest commercial flight by distance

Source: Bloomberg

Before the pandemic the carrier operated up to three round-trips between Hong Kong and JFK daily, stopping over in Los Angeles. Many Asian and European airlines are following suit to keep routes active but temporary cost changes are likely, as carriers face uncertainty and high oil prices.

However high fuel costs and extra distances carriers have to carry, are not the only reason that air freight prices are soaring. On the operation side, forwarders are also struggling with limited capacity due to last-minute flight cancellations, uninsured reroutes, and war surcharges, which significantly increase the complexity and additional cost of the entire supply chain.

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