Why Shopify & Other E-Commerce Store Need Negative Reviews?

negative reviews influence on sales

You might believe in working hard to get incredible reviews for your business. If you do so, you are not all alone. Almost every business endeavor earns a high number of five-star reviews. And we all know the reason behind our intention, i.e., to enhance consumer’s confidence. What is the first thing you look for […]


4 Transformative Software Tools for Growing Businesses

software to grow business

Introduction Setting up your own shop and starting your business with nobody but you or just a few likeminded enthusiasts you call friends to hold your back is a romantic thought but the real-life situations put a lot of challenges on your way that can turn the dreamy vision of everything running smoothly into a […]


How to Maximise Your Products’ Shelf Appeal…Both On and Offline

Maximise Shelf Appear

It might not seem so obvious to the customer, but there is a delicate, tactical science to arranging products on an online, ecommerce platform in order to boost the visual appeal of your products and, ultimately, boost your profits. In this post, we’ve narrowed it down to the vital areas with the greatest potential for […]


The Best Magento Tactics to Keep Your Sale High

magento sales tactics

The number of conversion an e-commerce website gains in a periodic cycle is considered ultimately as the success rate. Not only conversions but keeping your regular customers along with you is also a top priority for dealers. For the purpose, online store owners need to build better strategies. Keeping in mind the amount of competition […]


Neuromarketing As The Revolutionary Solution For The Marketing Industry

Rational VS Irrational in Neuromarketing

With the amount of data a typical e-commerce website gathers today marketing shouldn’t be harder than a walk in the park. We know everything there is to know about our clients from their name, location, and contact details to their preferred groups of products and favorite communication channels. We track their behavior, analyze patterns, segment […]


9 Best Practices for Writing for Millennials in eCommerce

writing for millennials ecommerce img

Buying online is something that Millennials (ages 23 to 38 in 2019) do often and willingly. They make more than 50 percent of their purchases online because they perceive it as more convenient and quicker than the traditional way. In fact, Millennial spending in the U.S. is expected to reach $1.4 trillion, which makes up […]


The Story of Taobao Success: Rags-to-riches Asian Style

The Taobao Success Story

The Great Firewall Before we go down to look at the company itself, you have to understand one significant factor that contributes to Taobao’s success in China — the government. Unlike many other businesses, Taobao boasts never accepting money from the Chinese government. “If your company needs money from the government, it’s rubbish,” says Jack […]


7 Ways to Promote Your Amazon Listing and Sell More Products

Promote Amazon Listings

Amazon is without a doubt the biggest and most popular e-commerce platform. Since Amazon is a third-party platform that collects and promotes businesses, every store owner on the website has to compete with other sellers to promote Amazon products. Great Amazon success is the perfect balance of two things: product quality and marketing effectiveness. Simply […]


4 Tips For Constructing Your Future Forward Sales Pipeline

Forward Sales Pipeline

Making sales for your company has always both been the goal and the biggest challenge of business since the inception of commerce. It’s not something that has ever changed, since it is, in essence, the heart of business. If you aren’t making sales, then you’ll never make a success of your enterprise. However, in spite […]