How M-Commerce Applications Complement Desktop Shopping Platforms

M-Commerce for E-Commerce Platforms

Most of the e-commerce owners launch websites as a supplementary means to promote their brand online while still owning a real shop. If e-commerce was initially created to support the businesses, why should one invest time and money into yet another online shopping channel? Besides, desktop versions of shopping websites can be opened with the […]


How to Use Influencer Marketing for Your eCommerce

influencer marketing for ecommerce businesses

In order to stay competitive in today’s market, a strong social media presence is crucial for any business. Although traditional marketing methods are still the base of most marketing strategies, the constant rise of the number of social media networks and their users opens a whole new world of product placement options. In addition, social […]


Your Kickstarter Campaign — Three Prelaunch Stages to Never Overlook

Kickstarter Campaign Stages

Everyday, the importance of crowdfunding as an alternative source of financing seems to grow. The model has had such resounding success that it has attracted everyone from “starving artists” to entrepreneurs, even big businesses like Sony. Some say the success of crowdfunding is from more consumers seeking more personal connections with their choice of products. […]


9 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

reduce cart abandonment

Despite your best efforts, some shoppers will abandon their cart before completing their purchase. Data from the retail marketing firm Listrak shows the average rate of cart abandonment is 80 percent. That’s 4 in 5 shoppers leaving your site before confirming a purchase. How can you minimize shopping cart abandonment for your e-commerce business? 1. […]


6 Tips on Cross-Border E-Commerce from China

Cross Border China E-Commerce

If e-commerce is the driving force of global economy, then it’s safe to say that China is the driving force of global economy. Over 40% of the e-commerce transactions in the world take place in this country. In the future, the influence of Chinese companies and customers on the global e-commerce market is expected to […]


9 Essential Things You Didn’t Know About E-Commerce

9 things about ecommerce

E-Commerce has become a monster industry in the last decade. Online retail revenue is constantly on the rise, with the 2019 forecast climbing up to the staggering $3.5 trillion. The new way of shopping is seriously threatening traditional stores as now 40% of purchases are made using only an online channel for searching and buying. […]


How Chatbots Are Changing the Ways eCommerce Businesses Operate

chatbots change ecommerce businesses

According to the information provided by Statista, the eCommerce revenue in China is expected to reach 1.086,1 billion dollars by 2023. We are talking about a huge number of people buying loads of things online. When the base of customers is so extensive, their voice has to be heard. It’s clear that China still hasn’t […]


8 Things to Keep in Mind When Crowdfunding Your Future Business

Some entrepreneurs are more experienced than others. There are those who already dipped their toes in one or more crowdfunding campaigns, those who may know people who did and get advice from them and then there are those to whom it may be a completely new ball game. Regardless of how familiar you are with […]


Shopify Marketplace Review: Best Stores for Sale

Shopify Marketplace

Floship blog readers are no strangers to the value of online marketplaces. Nor to the power of ecommerce. But for entrepreneurs looking to grow traffic and sales quickly, did you know that you can buy a ready-made Shopify business all set up and ready to go? The Shopify marketplace, or the Exchange Marketplace to give […]


9-Step Strategy to Negotiate with Alibaba Suppliers

negotiate alibaba suppliers

One of the simplest ways to increase profits is by cutting costs. Negotiating with your Alibaba suppliers can increase your profitability and boost your efficiency. However, most suppliers will be against offering discounts unless the discount is given in exchange for considerable value in other areas. Consider these nine steps when communicating and negotiating with […]