6 Fulfillment Tips To Make Black Friday A Success

6 Fulfillment Tips Black Friday Success

Black Friday is coming up soon and with it an increase in web traffic and orders online: Last year, 2017, Black Friday saw record sales, with the US spending $7.9 billion, 18% more than the year before. The combination of high order value but lower average spending means there are more people shopping and therefore […]


Global E-Commerce Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Global E-Commerce

If you have a business that’s selling anything online, you’re involved in e-commerce. Companies that don’t sell online are being left behind and finding that they’re struggling to keep up. Naturally, there are some things that a person just can’t do online, like perform some types of services. But that doesn’t mean those services can’t […]


Bitter Reality: How Blockchain Is Disrupting Traditional eCommerce

How Blockchain Is Disrupting Traditional eCommerce

While people who have invested in cryptocurrencies have doubts whether cryptocurrencies are going to replace traditional money or not, nobody has doubts about the potential of blockchain and its importance. Companies from completely different industries are implementing blockchain-based solutions and see how this technology disrupts any industry it touches. According to the data of CB […]


Be aware of these Barriers when Exporting to China

Barriers Export to China

With eCommerce increasing its share of the total import and export market in China, barriers are ever-changing.  Recent regulatory changes and political moves by the largest economic powers of the world are proving to be prominent barriers, hindering U.S. exports and imports with China.  However, a fast-developing market, such as China’s cross-border eCommerce (CBEC), is […]


Challenges in Exporting to China as an E-Commerce Company

eCommerce Export to China Challenges

As China has overtaken the United States and other top economies in GDP, it is hard to ignore such a massive market. Especially considering the enormous internet penetration in recent years, with over 800 million users, it may seem like the perfect place to set up an e-commerce operation.   With its ominous Communist government, […]


Challenges for Foreign eCommerce Businesses in Exporting to China

eCommerce businesses export to China Challenges

For centuries, China’s huge market has attracted traders from all over the world. Now, thanks to the internet and globalization, exporting to China is easier and more profitable than ever. According to Statista, more than 650 million Chinese citizens are digital buyers and the e-commerce market is expected to keep growing at an outstanding pace […]


How to Plan Your Ecommerce Social Media Strategy

Plan Your Ecommerce Social Media Strategy

Social media is paramount for e-commerce, its significance has grown to mammoth proportions over the years with its ability to reach specialized pools of consumers. Brands that relied on traditional forms of advertising to further their base have taken to optimizing their brand to fit into different social media niches on the web. E-commerce brands […]


Do You Really Need to Learn Mandarin for Your Export Business?

Learn Mandarin for Export Business

In the 21st century, business and economics are global. People may jump on an “America First” bandwagon, but the fact of the matter is America does business with nearly every country in the world. China is one of America’s largest trading partners, so it’s time to learn Mandarin so you can grow your Chinese customer […]


Why Seasonal Sales Are Great For E-Commerce

E-Commerce Seasonal Sales

An e-commerce industry has been growing rapidly in the last few years. Online retail sales are expected to generate about $653 billion in 2018 worldwide, but that’s just the beginning. E-commerce has barely surpassed the 10% retail share in the US, so the figure is expected to grow by nearly 15% each year. In such […]


5 Powerful eCommerce Solutions for Your Online Business

5 Powerful eCommerce Solutions

If you are tired of looking for the best eCommerce solution for your business, you’re not alone. Many companies feel the same kind of frustration in not knowing which platform to choose to maximize their business idea. Choosing an online eCommerce solution is important because you need to be able to feel secure using the […]