Floship Internship Program Analisa Sande

Ana served as Floship's Digital Marketing Intern during her two month stint with Floship during Hong Kong Polytechnic University's summer holidays in July and August of 2016.

Ana is also a marketer and web designer. Being a linguist and an expert in cross cultural communication, she has worked in Norway, China and Australia before settling in Hong Kong.

How do you feel about your digital marketing internship experience at Floship?

It was great, I learned so many practical things about digital marketing and enjoyed it a lot.

What did you expect to learn?

I didn’t have many expectations in the beginning, since I didn’t know much about what exactly digital marketing was about. But I was interested in learning more about it.

"This has been a great internship, I learned a lot of practical, real-life skills that will be useful to me in the future, and I had a good time!"

What did you learn?

I learned how to get more traffic into a website through SEO, and I learned about the sales funnel and how to attract leads through content creation and creating lead magnets, squeeze pages and popups, and, how to set up email automation. I also learned how to use different content tools, like PowToons, Canva and Fiverr. Gained deeper insight into crowdfunding.

What was different than you expected, surprising?

It was much more fun and felt less like work.

Do you think any of what you did here will be useful for you personally or professionally in the future? How?

I feel much more open to the possibility of doing related work in the future, since I feel very interested in this field.

Was it structured enough for you?

Yes, it was very well structured. And I appreciate that I got to choose which types of projects to do and what I wished to learn.

How does this compare to what you’ve studied in school, how does it relate to any of the theory or things you’ve learned in your classes?

I haven’t yet taken any class related to digital marketing, so only the fundamental ideas in marketing were applicable. But I felt I got to use a lot of my previous knowledge and experience related to website creation and design.