How Floship Helped Lora DiCarlo Ship To 15K Customers Around the World in 3 Days

Case Study by Floship

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Floship is a tech-powered eCommerce Fulfillment company based in Hong Kong that offers end-to-end solutions for cross-border eCommerce businesses and crowdfunding campaigns looking to ship orders around the globe. Floship’s services include storage, order fulfillment, returns solutions and last mile delivery. With warehouses in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, California and Europe, Floship can deliver anywhere in the world. 

The Client

Lora DiCarlo

Lora DiCarlo is a sex technology startup that rose to fame in 2018 after receiving the Robotics Innovation Award from Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Only a month after being awarded, however, it was rescinded due to what the organization called the “profane” and “immoral” nature of their products. While Lora DiCarlo fought back and the award was later reinstated, the press the company received during this time was enough to drive incredible pre-sale numbers.


  • Deliver all pre-sale orders on a tight schedule
  • Find a long-term partner to assist with their shipping needs

Lora DiCarlo told customers that any orders received by November 25th would arrive by January. Due to the press they had received in the months prior, pre-sale orders came in by the thousands. Lora DiCarlo’s logistics team did their best to ensure the products would get from their Asian manufacturing facilities to their customers as soon as possible. 

But time was running out.

The products wouldn’t be ready until the beginning of January, leaving only a few weeks to distribute them around the world. Even worse, the Chinese New Year was on January 22nd, meaning their manufacturing facilities would be virtually shut down until February. If the products hadn’t left their Asian manufacturing facilities by the 22nd, they would be stuck there until the festival was over—missing Lora DiCarlo’s shipping deadline.

Shipping their products from Asia to an American warehouse for distribution could lead to delays that the company couldn’t risk, so Lora DiCarlo decided to find a warehouse in Hong Kong.


They called several different fulfillment service providers in the area. Floship was the fastest to respond. Expediency being of the essence, they decided to entrust the time-sensitive shipping to Floship. 

“Anyone can put something in a box and put a shipping label on it. But since we’re growing and operating with a lean team, we need a lot more attention. That’s where we’ve seen Floship excel.” -

Nick Ress, Lora DiCarlo

To meet Lora DiCarlo’s tight deadline, Floship brought in extra workers and devoted extra time to ensure customers received their orders. They also helped Floship navigate the complexity of international shipping, including handling VAT and and other circumstances unique to different countries. Unlike some companies, where response times might be 24 or 48 hours, the Lora DiCarlo team could email their Floship representative multiple times a day and always hear back promptly.

“Their ability to problem solve quickly with a solution-oriented mindset has really put us at ease. There are a lot of moving parts at a startup and the Floship team is always ready to partner with us to ensure we can deliver our products on time” -

Nick Ress, Lora DiCarlo

The team managed to get all of Lora DiCarlo’s products out of their manufacturing facilities in Asia by January 21st—one day before the country would shut down.

From there, it took Floship three days to get Lora DiCarlo’s products to over 15,000 people worldwide.

“Floship is an exceptional partner. They can handle just about anything from condensed timelines with Kickstarters all the way to pre-sales. They also offer the ability to work globally and their customer service teams are better than any company I’ve previously worked with.” -

Nick Ress, Lora DiCarlo  


With Floship, Lora DiCarlo was able to deliver over 15,000 orders and bring in millions of dollars within the first week. Products went out to customers in over 25 countries.

After the initial rush, Lora DiCarlo has kept Floship on to manage their day-to-day fulfillment needs. With Floship, Lora DiCarlo has gained the ability to ship globally, something many of Lora DiCarlo’s competitors don’t do. This has allowed them to expand into new markets such as Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, with a planned foray into Asia, all without worrying about the day-to-day logistics. 

Floship also handles the minutiae of shipping to new countries. Instead of sifting through the laws and regulations themselves, Floship acts as their all-inclusive shipping partner, handling everything for them.

“Shipping globally can be tricky. Floship’s regional knowledge and expertise makes them an ideal shipping partner, minimizing delays and ensuring our Lora DiCarlo customers get their products on time around the world.” -

Nick Ress, Lora DiCarlo

Floship is committed to providing long-term, top-notch support as Lora DiCarlo enters new markets, adds new products, and scales their business. 

“It’s crazy when you’re a young company and all of your products are sitting halfway around the world, and you’re just hoping for the best. But you can sleep easy because Floship will take care of everything.” -

Nick Ress, Lora DiCarlo

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Lora DiCarlo

Written: August 2020