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Loop Mount




Loop is a minimal phone mount that sits discreetly on your bike's handlebars and is ready to use in seconds. It's totally different from anything else on the market and is perfect to help any cyclist get from A to B quickly and easily.

Deliver DDU to their global backer base
Better financial control of their project from Day 1

How Floship Helped Loop Mount Deliver The Perfect Crowdfunding Campaign from Logistic Forecast to Backer Delivery

Loop Mount is a minimalistic phone mount for bikes. Quick to install, ergonomically designed and engineered to last, it gathered a cult following on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. By the end of the campaign, Loop Mount had 12,707 backers raising a total of US$872,507, exceeding their initial pledge for US27,400.

From the project outset, the experienced team behind Loop Mount looked to engage with a cross border crowdfunding fulfillment solution to help them find the optimal fulfillment solution that will enable them to deliver to their worldwide backers DDU free and on time during COVID-19


Exceeded Backers Pledge Target

It’s crazy when you’re a young company and all of your products are sitting halfway around the world, and you’re just hoping for the best. But you can sleep easy because Floship will take care of everything.

Gillian Fraser Founder


From day 1, proactive steps were taken to forecast and control the logistical costs, this allowed Loop Mount to make better and more flexible cost decisions as the project scope evolved to meet backer demands. Loop Mount worked with their Floship fulfillment account manager to create a fulfillment cost forecast that factored the business’ unique packaging, warehousing, shipping and customs requirement. Of key note was Loop Mount’s decision to pay for the backer’s customs and duties, leading to a region and volume specific solution to optimise their DDP and DDU strategy.

Floship’s policy of one fulfillment account manager per account also increased the backer’s average order value through a custom material packaging solution that offered greater SKU choices whilst mitigating shipping cost allowed Loop Mount to offer unlimited SKUs whilst still controlling pick and pack, packaging and shipping costs.

Against the fluctuations caused by COVID-19, when shipping lanes were suspended on a last minute notice and parcels were stuck either in transit or at distribution centres, Floship account manager provided up to the minute alternative shipping lane options to ensure the agreed shipping terms were delivered.


By leveraging Floship’s cross border fulfillment solution for crowdfunding projects, Loop Mount successfully rewarded their backers and have progressed to selling Loop Mount as a Direct To Consumer product. If you’re a bike enthusiast or fan of fantastic ergonomic designs, check them out at

7404 Backers
540000 USD Raised
86 Countries Delivered
98 % Rewarded Delivered On Time