Coconut Bowls is an Australia-based company that creates eco-friendly coconut bowls out of reclaimed coconut shells from plantations in Indonesia and Vietnam.

After becoming popular through Instagram, the worldwide demand for coconut bowls grew at a rapid rate, which the company struggled to meet. They needed a cost effective solution that streamlined worldwide distribution and improved efficiency.

Coconut Bowls couldn’t keep up with the amount of orders being placed. Orders were taking up to 6 days to be dispatched, which made the delivery time to customers even longer.

Floship implemented a complete e-commerce solution so Coconut Bowls could cater to new, international markets more easily. 

By operating from their warehouse located in Hong Kong, Floship improved the speed of delivery and guaranteed same/next order day fulfilment.

Another issue Coconut Bowls faced was that they lacked an automated system, so they were forced to manually enter customer data.

Floship’s custom API and order management software allowed Coconut Bowls to easily and efficiently manage and track international orders from their user dashboard.

The results in numbers:

  • Floship improved dispatch speed by 6X
  • Coconut Bowls spends 8-12 hours less per week on tasks related to international orders.
  • Coconut Bowls has scaled at a rate of 20% month over month

“Floship is a wonderful solution for online businesses in the growth stage.

The greatest thing about Floship is the peace of mind I have with order

fulfillment. I know that my orders will be dispatched in a time efficient

manner, and I have full trust that a solution can be found should a problem

arise. This gives me time to focus on doing things that grow my business.“

- Jake McKeon, Coconut Bowls