Experiencing Shipping Delays Due To The

Coronavirus Outbreak?

Consider shipping through Hong Kong instead.

We got a number of solutions for e-commerce businesses.

Experiencing Shipping
Delays Due To The

Coronavirus Outbreak?

We got a number of solutions for e-commerce businesses.

Experiencing Shipping Delays Due To The

Coronavirus Outbreak?

Consider shipping through Hong Kong instead. We got a number of solutions for e-commerce businesses.

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Coronavirus Shipping Delays

First and foremost, we can all acknowledge how horrible the disease is and wish anyone affected by the Coronavirus all the strenght in the world to recover. 

Fact is, as an e-commerce seller, your business may be affected by the outbreak as well. We noticed many businesses across the world reporting shipping delays that could last for weeks.

We don't have to tell you that uncertainty may leave a bad impression with your customers - all things considered. Luckily, Floship can help.

Reach New Markets

Shipping through Hong Kong

Floship is located in Hong Kong. This is where we handle most of our e-commerce order fulfillment. 

While flights from Mainland China may be delayed or halted completely to several regions in the world, shipping through Hong Kong is still a reliable option.

Through several express courier options that we have agreements with, such as FedEx and DHL, we can still guarantee shipping times of as little as 1 to 3 days. 

Ordinary postal options are currently limited due to a decrease in commercial flights. Express couriers got their own fleet.

Reach out today and have one of our experts talk you through a solid shipping strategy to carry your business forward.

Hong Kong Order Fulfillment

Your Business is in Good Hands
Our Client Testimonials Speak for Themselves

We got an Excellent score on Trustpilot, feel free to see for yourself.


Great Customer Service!

5 stars review on trustpilot

"We have our own account manager, Rammel, who is BRILLIANT and assists us with even the most difficult of questions in the quickest turn around....

The Wolf Project

Love Working with Floship

5 stars review on trustpilot

"Business runs smoothly, from the everyday orders to the more complex cases, the team can handle any situation. Logistics are taken care of, so I don’t need to!. Highly recommended....

Icosa Brewhouse

True Dedication to Good Service!

5 stars review on trustpilot

"My first experience with Floship was speaking with Steve several years ago. He personally took my call even though he was on his way to his wedding, that's true dedication to good service.....


Floship International Acknowledgements
Awards and Nominations we recently received

We continue to grow as a business to provide you with unrivaled service

Growth Champions of the Greater Bay Area 2020

Awarded 13th place by

South China Morning Post

Asia-Pacific High-Growth Companies 2020

Awarded 97th place by

Financial Times


Dedicated Account Manager

Floship clients all get assigned a Dedicated Account Manager, to help you out whenever something requires attention. 

That way, you will know exactly who to talk to. No more back and forward between several parties that refuse to take responsibility.​

Also, our team speaks a combined total of 10 languages. Language barriers? Not while we are around!

Designated Account Manager at Floship
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How it works: It's Easy

Sign up today? Your account can be up and running within a (business) day or two.

1. Initial Call

Filled out our form below? One of our Solution Experts will be in touch with you within 2 business days to learn more about your business challenges and talk you through suitable global fulfillment strategies for your business and budget.

2. Floship account setup

Your dedicated account manager will help you set up your account. Easily integrate Floship with your e-commerce store with our plugins. Our tech team will assist you if you need help.

3. Import inventory

Import your inventory data into Floship's Dashboard with a few easy clicks.

4. We store your products

Your products are delivered to our warehouse and stored. Ready to be fulfilled.

5. Setup is done

Orders automatically flow from your sales channels to Floship. We pick, pack, label and ship the orders to your customers in less than 24 hours. No manual syncing required!

Floship Fulfillment Portal

No Manual Syncing

Unlike many other fulfillment businesses that claim to be fully automated but still have you waste your time manually syncing your received orders to their dashboard, Floship actually automatically syncs incoming orders.

You do not need to press any buttons or import any lists at the end of the day. This will allow you to save your time and focus on doing what matters more: driving sales, streamlining processes, developing new products or simply to enjoy your profits on a beach with a mojito in one hand.  

Automatic Syncing
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Foolproof Pricing: No Hidden Fees

Tired of nit picking charges that confuse you and catch your business projections unprepared? With Floship those days are over.

There are only three simple fees when you take advantage of the Floship global e-commerce fulfillment model:

  • Pick & Pack: Picking is taking an item from inventory. Packing is placing items in a ready-to-ship package for shipment.

  • Storage: Tiered rates that decrease as your shipments increase.

  • Shipping: Dependent on the speed and courier you choose, easy to optimize with recommendations customized to you within the Floship Fulfillment Portal.

Transparent Billing

More about Covid-19 Shipping and Business Strategies?
The following Podcast episode and Article will prove useful


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Covid-19 and Shipping

What happens if a courier doesn’t come to pick up or shuts down its operations?

How does the virus affects Floship? Are there any possibilities Floship may have to shut down?

Do you see any problems in terms of operations and restrictions in the checkpoints from China for goods coming to HK? 

Many customers are concerned about shipments coming from China or in general from Asia and afraid they may get Covid-19 by touching the parcels. Can you tell us something about safety measures implemented by your company or related parties?

What happens if my Account Manager gets sick? Who is going to cover you if you are the only one to know everything about my operations? 

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