Crowdfunding Logistics Consultation Package

You are making preparations to start your first crowdfunding campaign, exciting! You likely figured out the manufacturing part, you may also have your marketing plan ready, but how about shipping?

By now, you are probably well aware of the complexities involved with getting the rewards from your factories, to your backers. Perhaps you produce everything in one location, perhaps in several. How would you handle this? What are the regulations per country and how about the the costs involved?

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You don't want to disappoint your backers as this will ruin your reputation and the long-term success of your business. So, do your best to avoid delays at all cost. Campaign runners also tend to underestimate shipping costs. If you don't calculate the costs correctly, you may find that you did not gather enough funding for your project and may not make a profit because of it. You may even make a loss. To help you prevent this Floship currently offers a Crowdfunding Logistics Consultation Package. What is it, you ask?

For just one single payment, we will address and consult you on the following points:

  • Pricing your shipping for all pledge/backer levels to all countries. This will be based on your shipping strategy
  • Deciding on your tax and duties strategy
  • Deciding on your returns and non-delivery strategy
  • Reviewing your copy for your campaign listings prior to going live
  • The FCLP Seal and its benefits to the success of your campaign
  • Any additional questions you may have

Fill out the form below for more information. No strings attached. Simply choose 'Crowdfunding Fulfillment' and 'Pre-launch' from the drop down and leave your personal information. One of our agents will be in touch with you within 48 hours. 

Floship Certified Logistics Plan

The Floship Certified Logistics Plan allows Crowdfunders like yourself to build trust with backers. Stand out. Get certified.

Displaying the FCLP on your crowdfunding page ensures backers that,

(1) your team has been proactive and understands the complexities of fulfillment; that,

(2) your crowdfunding project has a sound logistics plan; that,

(3) you have taken account of what is necessary to reliably and cost-effectively get products from your manufacturer into the hands of your backers.

The Seal is available free of charge to crowdfund projects that have undergone a thorough evaluation to ensure that your team is fully aware of all the logistical requirements to fulfill your product to backers worldwide.

Floship Certified Logistics Plan
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