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Simplify Your Global Fulfillment Process

Consider these top key factors while deciding on the business supply chain model: Transit Time, shipping cost, resources required, customer relationship, and more.

Too much to handle? Floship is here to ease your pain.
With Floship, your cross-border eCommerce logistics
will be more flexible, scalable & sustainable than ever before.

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Floship helps global ecommerce brands take control of their supply chain

Get Your Product Across The Globe In 3 Steps


Get Closer To Your Customers

Floship handles first-mile transportation from manufacturers to warehouses closest to end clients or closest to the factory.


Maximise Supply Chain Efficency

Floship offers DTC, B2C & B2B cross-border logistics solutions,with the most competitive shipping rates and transit time.


Expand Your Market Reach

Floship delivers to over 180 countries and 250 regions with its largest carrier network and global warehouse locations.

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Key Advantages of Floship’s Cross Border Solutions

Why Our Clients Love Us

If you are a direct-to-consumer company that is looking to shorten your supply chain, and you want a partner that moves quickly and can be entrepreneurial alongside you, then Floship is an obvious choice.

– Justin Allen.

Their team is very dedicated and always available. You never have to go through cumbersome support tickets. If you really need advice or to speak to someone, they’re there.

– Christian Holse.

Floship China / HK Services

Trucking From Manufacturer to Warehouse

China / HK Warehousing & Fulfillment

Air / Inland/ Ocean Transportation

Global Crossborder Shippment

Have Questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions below, or contact for more information.

I currently use a shopping cart not listed in your ecommerce integrations. Can I still use your fulfillment platform?

Absolutely, whilst we provide 1 click integration to major ecommerce shopping carts and tools, your development team can also connect to our platform via API. If you would like to know more, please contact Floship today.

Can I have a demo of the platform?

Yes, please contact Floship today and we’ll arrange a demo of the platform.