A Tech-Powered Fulfillment House

Automate your Global Shipping with Floship

Floship's Fulfillment Portal is the perfect tool for your order fulfillment needs. With just a few simple clicks, you are all set to:

  • Automate your product fulfillment processing between your business and our warehouses

  • Send fulfillment confirmations and tracking details to your customers all on auto-pilot

  • Deliver your products cross border with ease and at the best rates

  • Insights in your fulfillment costs through Transparent Real-Time Billing

Floship Fulfillment Portal

Platform Integrations

Our tech integrates seamlessly with your favorite eCommerce platforms, such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and Amazon. Our dashboard provides you with all the insight you may need, down to each individual parcel. We furthermore offer transparent, real-time billing. Start automating your order fulfillment processing today. Ready, set, go!

These are some of the platforms Floship's Fulfillment Portal can integrate with:

Magento Integration
Amazon Integration
Shopify Integration
WooCommerce Integration
Dear Systems Integration
Ebay Integration
Etsy  Integration
Big Commerce Integration
Magento 2.0 Integration
Neto Integration
Prestashop Integration
Squarespace Integration
StitchLabs Integration
Taobao Integration
Tmall Integration
Wechat Integration
Demandware API integration
Netsuite  API integration
Walmart API integration
Skubana API integration

Tailor-Made Solution

Using some other platform not listed above?

No problem. Floship has an excellent development team. We are more than happy to develop and provide you with a customized solution and we can do this within a reasonable amount of time. We invite you to discuss your business needs with us. 

Tailor-Made API Solution

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