How to Maximise Your Products’ Shelf Appeal…Both On and Offline

Maximise Shelf Appear

It might not seem so obvious to the customer, but there is a delicate, tactical science to arranging products on an online, ecommerce platform in order to boost the visual appeal of your products and, ultimately, boost your profits. In this post, we’ve narrowed it down to the vital areas with the greatest potential for maximising shelf appeal and giving your business’s revenue a welcome shot in the arm.

Exhaust luxury marketing

Particularly important for businesses looking to shift high-margin products, making use of descriptive and emotive language, as well as displaying your products within a well-designed site or through a striking image, is crucial. As consumers are a lot less likely to pay premium prices without having what they consider ‘proof’ that their product will be just as luxurious and worthy of their investment, making them appear premium will help customers make the jump from liking the concept to buying into the idea.

As a result, you’ll need to make sure you create suitable, luxury text and imagery to complement your particular brand or product and highlight them as positively irresistible. Whether you choose to draw attention to the shimmer in a particular cosmetic product through a short video on the product page, or spend time writing some tantalising content about your product, showing your site some TLC and helping your customers fall in love with your products will undoubtedly pay off.

Solve problems to boost profits

The most important thing to remember when designing the layout of your ecommerce site is that your customers come to you to find a solution – and one that they don’t necessarily want to spend a long time looking for.

Luckily, there are some strategic ways you can organise and utilise your homepage to transform your ecommerce site into a one-stop problem-solving shop. To go the extra mile, it’s key to make sure your targeted products are reactive and changeable – so keep an eye on what people might suddenly need. For example, if an unseasonal snowstorm is due to hit your area, instead of simply sitting back and waiting for it to arrive, dust off your winter stock of umbrellas and thick coats and let your customers know that they might soon be in need of your products at a slightly discounted price – this way you stand to earn a bundle through solution-based purchases.

This concept can be extended to just about anything, from discount barbecues and water bottles on a hot day to hats and gloves when the mercury drops – the first step is to carefully consider your inventory and, from there, figure out which of your customers’ problems you’re already in a prime position to solve. Highlight them on your homepage or through short-term, targeted online ads to draw immediate attention to them.

Harness colour psychology

Colour psychology is important in both online and offline retail environments. For example, the first thing people see when walking into the vast majority of major food retailers is a colourful display of fresh fruit and vegetables. These beautiful shelving displays are strategically designed to put customers in a sprightly mood, communicating a sense of natural, technicolour freshness – a concept that can be easily implemented into your online ecommerce website by adopting bright colours that attract your customer to the item they’re specifically looking for.

Vibrant, bold colours can also be found on the packaging of just about any item, making it virtually effortless to employ a merchandising tactic known as colour blocking in both offline and online stores. Organising products based on their colour and placing them next to blocks of items in complementary shades within the same subcategory for example (consult the colour wheel if you’re ever unsure) will go a long way when it comes to grabbing the attention of customers.

Remember: there’s no shame in being direct

As with a brick-and-mortar store, positioning particularly high-margin products which stand to make your business a tidy profit at the customer’s eye level (whether this through creating a landing page that targets a specific product or as a large graphic on your homepage) is one of the central tenets of retail merchandising.

If the customer immediately sees what they want, they’ll buy it – so placing big brands or high-margin products in a prime and obvious position on your site will pay off. This makes the shopping experience smooth and seamless, creating happy customers who are more likely to return.

eCommerce Shelf Appeal

Combining these tips to create a vibrant shopping experience is a powerful, tried and tested approach to giving your products irresistible online shelf appeal. With a complementary blend of striking colours, cleverly merchandised products and a solution-first tactical outlook, you can shift high-margin products, inspire bulk-buys and make a worthwhile impact on your ecommerce business’s bottom line.

Author bio:

Tom Brialey has run successful companies in Europe and the US that are focused on delivering exceptional value to clients – while Action Storage offers a diverse range of storage products, along with the technical expertise to help clients’ businesses operate more efficiently. In Tom’s words, that’s a rewarding place to be.

  • April 29, 2019