watch international fulfillment

FASHION WATCH offers a range of luxury design timepieces and bracelets for men, delivered at affordable prices. 

Tapping into the ever growing mens wrist wear trend, FASHION WATCH offers a unique value proposition; focusing on choice, up to date trends, and excellent customer service.

FASHION WATCH is set to double in revenue from the start to end of 2017 and has grown rapidly since launching in late December 2015.

As an Australian founded brand, FASHION WATCH faces the issue of delivering product on time and securely to their primary market in the USA and the UK, whilst still offering worldwide delivery to smaller markets.

To overcome these logistical challenges, FASHION WATCH partnered with a Hong Kong based fulfillment company, Floship, that specializes in global e-commerce fulfillment

"Floship enables us to fulfill globally, and completely outsource our entire fulfillment process.

From manufacturing in China, it is only a short distance to have our inventory securely held in Floship’s warehouses.

Floship's base in Hong Kong has saved us the expense, and complexities of fulfilling from within the US: Import customs taxes, accounting red-tape, and the risks involved with moving inventory from China to the US have all been completely removed; which allows us to focus on more important tasks.

Centralizing our distribution from Hong Kong has also worked incredibly well for us, as we can send products to any major market within 3-5 business days at shipping rates that are very competitive.

What makes Floship far better then any competitors in this area, is that they work with a range of courier and postal services. Where most other companies only offer one postal and one courier service worldwide, Floship deliver flexibility and savings by working with a range of other shipping services.

With the majority of orders being fulfilled on the same or the next day, we are exceeding our customers expectations in all corners of the globe."

Luxury Watch worldwide fulfillment testimonial

FASHION WATCH delivers luxury watches to customers worldwide utilizing the fulfillment services of Floship.

Aside from the geographic location and range of courier and postal services available to work with, Floship stands out because of its IT Systems that allow us to automate previously time consuming and arduous tasks such as shipping notifications, fulfilling orders, and tracking.

By synching Floship's backend system with our Shopify store, the order fulfillment process is fully automated. By them also syncing with Aftership, we are also automating our tracking notifications which means our team has little or no manual tasks and can focus on more important customer service issues.

I believe Floship is quite far ahead of the competition and for us it was an easy choice in the end because of the below:

  • Proximity to China and no import taxes
  • Work with multiple postal providers and couriers, and,
  • Automated IT Systems

There are still improvements that Floship can make to be even further ahead of the competition, and, so far, they have been making continuous updates and are constantly improving their fulfillment processes, making it even easier to be a truly hands-off process.

My hope is that as Floship continues to grow its core competencies of competitive shipping rates and wide range of shipping partners along with its IT systems, continue to improve.

I am glad we have chosen to work with Floship. As a new company in a historically rigid industry, Floship have exceeded many of my expectations, and are a foundation of our supply chain and core business. I would recommend them to anyone (except my competitors!)*.


*Name ​redacted at request of client. FASHION WATCH as stand-in for brand name at request of client.