[last updated September 22, 2016]

Floship, a venture backed startup, operates in the upward trending eCommerce space, and have some pretty smart & accomplished people doing big things (SVPs from MNCs and C level executive from Listed Companies).

We are looking for partners to build one of the best sales team out there.

Credentials and experience are flexible, must haves are drive, persistence, strong communication skills in English--both speaking and writing. You must also be coachable and know how to have fun! For all other responsibilities, training will be provided.

We treat our people well. We will go the extra mile for you if you are the person that will get things done and make our clients happy.

If you want to be part of something big and exciting, Floship will have an explosive 2017, now is the best time to join us and be part of a growing business.

The Following Opportunities Available Immediately--Full Time, Part Time, or Flexible Arrangements Possible:

1. Junior and Senior Sales

Salary: Basic with upside from sales commissions. To apply for the role please send your a 100 word (max) paragraph about how you will contribute to the growth of Floship, along with your CV to, subject line "Junior Sales" or "Senior Sales".

2. Sales Support

Salary: Basic. To apply for the role please send your a 100 word (max) paragraph about what makes you a great fit, along with your CV to, subject line "Sales Support Ninja".

3. Sales Intern

Salary: Stipend provided. To apply for the role please send your a 100 word (max) paragraph about what you hope to learn and how you can contribute along with how this opportunity matches with your current career goals. And, of course, include your your CV to, subject line "Sales Intern Applicant".

4. Digital Marketing Intern Apprenticeship

Salary: Stipend provided.

To apply, use your online skills to uncover the right person to talk to, then send them a pitch:

What do you expect to learn, what do you have to offer?

Examples of past work, websites you've built, articles you've written, designs you've created--do not apply unless you can prove a strong interest in the digital world by showing us something you have created.

Read this interview to find out how you can benefit from the Floship Digital Marketing Internship opportunity