Floship Case Studies

Some of the projects Floship helped scale

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How Floship Helped LastObject Tackle Worldwide Shipping with Eco-Friendly Packaging

After raising nearly $800,000 each for LastSwab and LastTissue, LastObject started shipping their products worldwide. But handling the taxes and other legal issues involved in international shipping was challenging. Packages would occasionally not reach the customer due to customs issues and would have to be resent, wasting time for all involved. Here is how Floship helped LastObject out.


How Floship Helped Tushy Meet a Huge Spike in Demand at the Peak of COVID-19

In March of 2020, Tushy experienced a 10X spike in sales due to the toilet paper shortages of COVID-19. People who’d been shy about trying this new (to America) way of butt cleaning finally had a good reason to give bidets a try, with orders coming in by the thousands each day. Tushy’s two months’ worth of stock was emptied within a week. Here is how Floship helped meet the spike in demand regardless of the effects COVID-19 had on global logistics.


How Floship Helped Lora DiCarlo Ship To 15K Customers Around the World in 3 Days

Lora DiCarlo is a sex technology startup that rose to fame in 2018 after receiving the Robotics Innovation Award from Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Only a month after being awarded, however, it was rescinded due to what the organization called the “profane” and “immoral” nature of their products. While Lora DiCarlo fought back and the award was later reinstated, the press the company received during this time was enough to drive incredible pre-sale numbers.