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  • Receive support on managing duty payments and other logistics of international shipping
  • Ship all products with plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging

How Floship Delivered LastObject To The World In Eco-Conscious Packaging

After raising nearly $800,000 each for LastSwab and LastTissue, LastObject started shipping their products worldwide. But handling the taxes and other legal issues involved in international shipping was challenging. Packages would occasionally not reach the customer due to customs issues and would have to be resent, wasting time for all involved.

To minimize customs issues, LastObject hoped to find a shipping partner in Asia that could fulfill orders in Asia and Australia. Living up to LastObject’s goal of being environmentally friendly, they also wanted their packaging to be plastic-free, requiring support from their potential fulfillment partner.


Growth In Sales

Shipping globally can be tricky. Floship’s regional knowledge and expertise makes them an ideal shipping partner, minimizing delays and ensuring our customers get their products on time around the world

Christian Holse



Floship set LastObject up with their Hong Kong warehouse, ensuring easy shipping to both Asian and Australian customers.

To save LastObject’s customers the burden of fully paying for duties on international orders, Floship helped LastObject prepay for customs clearance. Because Floship’s fulfillment consultants are seasoned in international shipping, the most efficient and cost-effective way to ship products to all corners of the world was devised.

In addition to warehousing and duties, Floship helped achieve LastObject’s goal of packaging all orders without plastic. They helped LastObject source the correct packaging and ensure they were supporting LastObject’s mission of environmental sustainability.

Meanwhile, Skubana allowed LastObject to connect with multiple 3PLs to serve their global clientele. This helped them to manage their wholesale business and DTC orders, unifying data within one platform. And because Skubana keeps all of their data in one platform, LastObject can easily identify their best customers and areas with the highest order volume, helping them to grow strategically.

Skubana also provides them with inventory alerts to ensure that when an item is low in the warehouse, LastObject can have it replenished in time without over-ordering.


With Floship’s support, LastObject was able to ship as many as 500 orders per month to over 20 countries. LastObject is constantly expanding the countries they deliver to, leaning on Floship for help navigating the unique customs issues that arise with each new location.

Floship’s easy integration with Skubana allows LastObject to manage their entire sales process from pricing to shipping all under one platform. Since integrating with Skubana, LastObject’s sales have grown by 239%. They have sold over 33,000 plastic-free personal care items and added 7 sales channels, including Amazon and eBay. Because of Skubana’s direct integration with Amazon, they could start selling on the platform ahead of Prime Day, resulting in an 80% increase over normal sales.

LastObject continues to use Floship and Skubana to manage their eCommerce operations.

Floship is a tech-powered eCommerce and crowdfunding fulfillment company based in Hong Kong offering an end-to-end solution for cross-border eCommerce businesses and crowdfunding campaigns. Floship’s services include storage, order fulfillment, returns solutions and last mile delivery. With warehouses in Hong Kong, China, US and Europe, Floship can store, pack and deliver to all corners of the world.

Whether a company is selling direct-to-consumer, wholesale, or via marketplaces, Skubana allows them to seamlessly integrate all products, fulfillment centers, and sales channels in one platform. Users can track pricing, minimum order quantities and production lead time across suppliers, as well as use its dashboard to monitor data from all channels. By bringing all systems into one place, Skubana makes it easier for companies to manage multiple platforms and scale quickly.

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