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Floship Portal Updates

Portal UI Update

15 August 2023 – A brand new UI experience has been made available on to the Returns services. These enhancements will provide our customers with advanced returns features and whilst simplifying end-user functionality.

RMA Returns

RMA Returns will be enabled for clients that have an agreed SOP that agrees to Floship receiving their customers’ returns. This feature will be apparent in the form of the button “Return Order”.

By clicking this button, you will be presented with two options:

  • With Label (Floship-generated returns label)
  • Without Label (for client-created returns labels)

Client-initiated returns orders will be signified by the prefix “RMA” in the system whilst returns initiated by Floship for courier returns will adopt the prefix “R”.

If you have any questions or concerns about this feature, please reach out to your Account Manager for further assistance.

Automation Rule Enhancement

  • Automation rule options are now available, which further enhance the flexibility of SKUrelated settings and overall automation flow.
  • Automation rule option to auto-select a courier based on the shortest delivery time from a set of couriers.
  • Automation rule to ship from the different warehouse in a case of out of stock at one warehouse.


Clients now have the option of selecting their preferred currency for displaying values of the order items on Cl and AWB. Currencies that are not supported by the courier will be shown in USD.

Public API

Floship’s public API is now stored at the postman platform for better usability.

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All One Platform

The new fully integrated model redefines a simplified, all-in-one, logistics solution. eCommerce businesses can now manage many brands under a single account.

Apr 12 | DHL Go Green Support

Go Green! Floship now supports green labels for Carbon Neutral shipment with DHL. To learn more about the services and pricing, please reach out to your Account Manager.

Apr 12 | New OMS Integration

Zoho Inventory integration is now available on Floship Portal.

Apr 1 | New Marketplace Integration

Floship now supports integration with BrightPearl OMS and Etsy Marketplace. View the full list of available integrations here

Mar 22 | Cancelled and Refund Order Sync For Shopify

Floship system now supports syncing of Cancel/ Partial Refund SKU’s from Shopify for orders in Pending approval state.

This feature allows modifying and syncing the order automatically in the Floship system if the order is canceled or partially refunded in Shopify.

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Operations Updates

Service Updates – Singapore Goods & Service Tax (GST)

Effective 1 January 2023, there will be new Goods and Service Tax (GST) regulations enforced by The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). Please find the details of the upcoming changes below for your reference:

GST Rate Increase

The IRAS has announced that the GST rate will rise from 7% to 8%.

Find more out more information on the IRAS website

New GST Rules (OVR – Overseas Vendor Registration)

The Singaporean Tax Authorities will implement new GST rules for those ecommerce platforms* (Overseas Vendors) who fulfill BOTH of the below criteria:

  1. Global sales turnover exceeding SGD 1 million per year; and
  2. Sales of Low Value Goods (under SGD400) to Singapore exceeding SGD 100,000 per year.

If you believe that you qualify based on the aforementioned criteria, you will need to follow the below steps:

  1. Submit an application for an Oversea Vendor GST registration number;
  2. Collect GST on Low Value Goods (under SGD400) during the transaction; and
  3. Return filing and payment to Singapore Tax Authorities on a periodic basis.

More information can be found here. To apply for the GST registration number, please click here.

*ecommerce platforms (Overseas Vendor) are defined as those who sell to individuals in Singapore via an online platform and ship by post or air to the individuals in Singapore.

Warehouse Closure Dates

Floship Hong Kong:

Boxing Day – December 26 (Monday)
The Day Following Boxing Day -December 27 (Tuesday)

Floship US:

The Day Following Christmas – December 26 (Monday)

Floship EU – LT:

The Day Following Christmas – December 26 (Monday)

Floship EU – UK:

Boxing Day – December 26 (Monday)
The Day Following Boxing Day – December 27 (Tuesday)

Floship EU – DE:

The Day Following Christmas – December 26 (Monday)

Courier Cut-Off Dates

Click here to see the complete list of this year’s courier and warehouse cut-off dates.

Should you have any queries, please reach out to your Floship Account Manager.

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Floship Operations

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New service lane available

We are pleased to announce that we have a new service lane with FedEx. Please find the details below:

Introducing FedEx ICP (International Connect Plus)

The FedEx ICP service is designed for less time-sensitive, lightweight, single package (<20 kg) and low-value products and is only available for the below APAC country zones. Please note that there is an extra transit time of +2 – 3 days when enabling this option.

Transit Time: 3 – 6 days

Available shipping destinations:

  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan

New US Return Available

Did you know 66% of your customers would increase their AOV if there was a clearer and more generous return policy?

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New China Carrier Available

Additional carrier option for the China location is now available with more competitive pricing than ever! Reach out to your account manager to learn more.

Cargo Shipping Insurance

Floship Cargo shipping insurance is exclusively tailored for Floship clients with bulk inbound and outbound shipments. Insure against lost and damaged bulk shipments with 100% coverage!

Streamline Hong Kong Warehouse Operation With Artificial Intelligence

Floship has extended the Al-driven warehouse operation system from the U.S to Hong Kong warehouses. Smart Robots are now incorporated into the daily warehouse workforce, which significantly improves the efficiency and operation flow.

State-Of-The-Art AI Robot Operates Floship US Warehouse

We are proud to announce that an AI robot has been added to our US warehouse operations to further optimize the fulfillment operations. It is able to accurately pick and pack items for shipping, enhancing the accuracy and speed of our services.

New Last-Mile Delivery Solution from China to US Available Now

A better, faster, and affordable last-mile delivery solution to the US from China is now available

New Domestic Shipping Options within HK Available Now

Additional Domestic Shipping Options within HK at lower rates and faster delivery is now available.

New UK Warehouse Location Available Now

Floship is proud to introduce the latest warehouse network expansion in UK is now available. Discover your EU & UK Fulfillment Advantage with Floship today.

New EU Warehouse Location Available Now

Floship is proud to announce that the latest warehouse network expansion in Germany is now available. Discover your EU & UK Fulfillment Advantage with Floship today.

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Floship Company Updates

Floship has appointed Joshua Tsui as its CEO

Floship has appointed Joshua Tsui as its CEO, effective 15 August.

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