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For enterprise businesses

Floship offers a complete end-to-end, global fulfillment solution that covers every aspect of your supply chain needs. Floship’s proprietary logistics technology platform unifies a fragmented supply chain by bridging the entire logistics fulfillment process and addressing the core growth factors such as cost, efficiency, complexity, visibility, and accuracy.

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  • Packaging Optimization
  • Shipping Address Validation
  • Packing Options
  • Order Routing


  • Plug & Play Integrations
  • Multi-Business Management
  • Intelligent Automation Rules Engine
  • Shipping Document Generation


  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Shipping & Returns Management
  • Real-time Track & Trace
  • Operation Costs


  • Demand Prediction
  • Multi-Currency Flexibility


  • Demand Prediction
  • Multi-Currency Flexibility


Warehouses In Major Markets


International carriers


Countries reached


Shipping solutions

Trusted logistics partner of over 1000+ brands, worldwide.

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One Platform, All Decisions

The innovative technology behind Floship’s solutions enables e-commerce brands to expand globally quickly. With Floship’s advanced logistics partial and powerful features, decisions about global supply chain operations have never been easier. Now, business owners can concentrate on growing vertically and horizontally.

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Integrate The Entire eCommerce Spectrum

  • Manufacturers
  • Worldwide Shopping Carts
  • Global Marketplaces
  • ERPs
  • CRMs
  • OMSs
  • International & National Carriers
  • And more….
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Extensive Range of Supply Chain Solutions

  • First-mile Solutions
  • Global Warehousing & Fulfillment Solutions
  • Last-mile Solutions
  • Global Return Solutions
  • CRM
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Expert Advisory Services

Dedicated logistics advicosry & account management services every mile of the way. With 24/7 customer and operational support we’re there to support you on your fulfillment journey

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Expansive Partnership

  • Marketing Agencies
  • Funding Specialists
  • International Carriers
  • Financial Service
  • Payment Gateway
  • Global Marketplace
  • CRM / ERP / POS
  • And more….
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“Floship has been our strong partner for many years.
Together we successfully launched several products worldwide and extended our global supply chain footprint.”

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