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What shopping carts can I connect to Floship Platform?

our platform supports all major shopping carts such as Shopify Plus, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Woocommerce

What does my Floship account manager do?

Your account manager is your key point of contact and support on all Floship logistics and operational needs. Their role is to help you navigate the platform and consult on packaging, shipping, carrier and product.

I have customers all over the world, how can Floship streamline my fulfillment?

Long answer short, through a combination of our global network (warehouses in 3 continents, 50+ international carriers) and our fulfillment platform that automates inventory management, order fulfillment, shipping and tracking.

How reliable is Floship's order fulfillment?

99.9% order fulfillment success rate.

How secure is the Floship Logistics Platform?

The backbone of our service is tech and we pride ourselves on it. The Floship Platform has an uptime of 99.99% and all data is encrypted.

Is there a minimum monthly order volume to work with Floship?

Yes, due to the increase in demand for Floship services, we can only work with eCommerce brands shipping more than 1500 orders per month.

Does Floship offer same day processing and shipping?

Yes, whilst the cut off time varies for each of our global warehouses, we provide same day pick, pack and ship.

Does Floship work with my preferred carriers?

Floship is currently integrated with 50+ international carriers to help you ship to 219 countries. However our platform also enables easy integration to your own carrier account.

What are the fees I need to pay when working with Floship?

For your ecommerce fulfillment, we charge 4 main fees: warehouse storage, pick and pack, packaging and shipping. Any VAS work in the warehouses will be charged as per quote.

What crowdfunding campaigns does Floship support?

Floship specializes in fulfilling large crowdfunding campaigns around the world, and has been recognized by multiple crowdfunding platforms including but not limited to Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Campfire. Floship is also the first Asian logistics company to be recommended by Kickstarter.

When should I start planning my fulfillment strategy?

Smart creators start their fulfillment, shipping costs, duties, and taxes before the campaign launch. Getting early and clear visibility of your logistics costs makes the difference between running a profitable or loss making campaign.

How many warehouses does Floship have?

Globally, we have 8 (and growing) warehouses to handle your crowdfunding fulfillment needs. They are located in China, Hong Kong, US & EU. For more information, check out our global network 

I am using a shopping cart that isn't listed on Floship's integrations. Can I still use Floship's fulfillment platform?

Absolutely, whilst Floship provides 1 click integration to major eCommerce shopping carts and tools, your development team can also connect to Floship’s platform via API. If you would like to know more, please contact us today.

Can I have a demo of the Floship's logistics platform?

Yes, please contact Floship today and we’ll arrange a demo section with you to walk you through the features.

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