The Complete Shipping Insurance Solution For Global Ecommerce Brands

Domestic, international and parcel transit insurance for Floship clients to every corner of the world.



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Flosurance, the total shipping protection includes protection for lost, stolen or damaged parcels.

The coverage amount is equal to your order value (i.e. sale price) and starts when parcels leave their originating address.

The protection can be canceled anytime before the parcel leaves the originating address.


  • Your parcels are lost, stolen or damaged during transit.
  • “Return shipping”. These are the fees paid to couriers to have damaged parcels returned to you.

  • “Re-shipping” of replacement parcels. These costs are paid when the new delivery is arranged through Floship.

These shipping costs are paid in addition to your coverage amount and exclude duties and taxes. There is no “excess” or “deductible” to pay.

  • For any perishable items, except wine. Perishables include but are not limited to food, pharmaceuticals, plant matter or chemicals.

  • For any precious metals and stones, cash, bullion, securities or documents.

  • For claims resulting from illegality (such as shipping contraband goods).

    For more details, please refer to the policy wording section below.


Start your claim

If your parcel is damagedlost or stolen, and either the courier, intended recipient or Floship has declared it damagedlost or stolen, there’s a unique link for claim submission in your Floship portal order page.

Supporting documents

We may request supporting documents such as proof of value. If required documents are not provided to us the claim may be rejected or the status changed to “Pending”.

Claim payments

Our claims team aims to complete 95% of claims within 3 days of claim lodgement. Once approved, we’ll send you an email and text message with a link to enter your bank details for payment.


You can cancel this product prior to the parcel leaving the originating address for a full refund from Floship.

Refunds will not be available once the parcel leaves the originating address.



Flosurance, the parcel protect provides cover when goods are lost, stolen or damaged during transit. The cover starts when parcel(s) leave their originating address and ends when they are received by the intended recipient at the delivery address.

The coverage amount is equal to the total insured value that has been provided to Floship.

  • Theft or loss of parcels.

If your goods are lost or stolen during transitwe’ll reimburse you up to the coverage amount shown on your certificate.

  • Products are damaged.

If goods are damaged during transitwe’ll reimburse the repair costs up to the coverage amount shown on your certificate.

  • Costs towards “return shipping” damaged parcels.

We will reimburse you for the return shipping costs (up to the value of the original service) that are paid to a courier for protected parcels that are damaged. Return shipping costs are paid additional to the coverage amount shown on your certificate.

  • Costs towards “re-shipping” stolen, lost or damaged parcels.

If a product in the original delivery is stolen, lost or damaged in transitwe will reimburse “re-shipping” costs (up to the value of the original service) for the replacement goods. Re-shipping costs are paid additional to the coverage amount shown on your certificate if the re-shipping is arranged through Floship.

  • If you provided inaccurate, dishonest or misleading information to us or Floship.

  • If your goods are damaged prior to the commencement of the transit of the parcel.

  • If your goods are lostdamaged or stolen after they have been delivered to the delivery address, including where the recipient has given an authority to leave the parcel unattended.

  • For any duties or taxes applied to the cost of “return shipping” or “re-shipping” stolen, lost or damaged parcels.

  • For costs resulting from the goods being ineligible for shipping according to the terms and conditions of Floship.

  • For claims when your parcel is lost because an incorrect address has been entered for the intended recipient.

  • For claims from illegality (such as shipping illegal or contraband goods).

  • For claims caused by the parcel(s) being delayed.

  • For claims resulting in loss in weight or volume, or wear and tear of the parcel(s).

  • For claims caused by or arises in any way from information technology or electronic risks.

  • For claims caused by or arises in any way from insufficiency or unsuitability of packing of the goods.

  • For claims caused by mechanical, electrical and/or electronic breakdown, failure and/or derangement of the goods unless there is evidence that a loss to the parcel(s) occurred during the transit.

  • For any goods listed below:

    • Antiques, Artwork and Jewelry.
    • Arms, Ammunition, Military Equipment and any similar goods which should properly be subject to the Export Control Order 2008.
    • Automobiles and Motorcycles.
    • Bonds, Deeds, Manuscripts, Securities and Plans.
    • Bulk and Break Bulk Cargoes.
    • Bullion.
    • Cash and Credit Cards.
    • Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco and Tobacco Products.
    • Computer Chips, CPUs and Circuit Boards.
    • Furs, Skins and Hides.
    • Glassware, Ceramics, Marble and similar fragile goods.
    • Hazardous, Restricted or Controlled Goods.
    • LCD monitors or screens, televisions (including LCD, plasma, CRT, projection, and similar).
    • Livestock, Plants and Animals.
    • Perishable Foodstuffs and other temperature sensitive goods.
    • Precious Metals and Stones.
    • Stamps and Treasury Notes.
  • For claims caused by:

    1. War, civil war, revolution, rebellion, insurrection.
    2. Civil strife arising from (1) above.
    3. Hostile act by or against a belligerent power.
    4. Capture, seizure, arrest, restraint or detainment arising from (1, 2 or 3) above.
    5. Derelict mines, torpedoes, bombs or other derelict weapons of war.
  • For claims caused by or arises in any way from:

    • Ionising radiation from or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste or from the combustion of nuclear fuel.
    • Any weapon or device employing atomic or nuclear fission and/or fusion or other like reaction or radioactive force or matter.
    • The radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous or contaminating properties of any:
      • Nuclear installation, reactor or other nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof.
      • Radioactive matter but not to radioactive isotopes, other than nuclear fuel, when such isotopes are being prepared, carried, stored, or used for commercial, agricultural, medical, scientific or other similar peaceful purposes.
    • Any chemical, biological, bio-chemical or electromagnetic weapon.
  • For claims caused by or arising in any way from:

    • Rust, oxidation or any discolouration;
    • Marring, chipping, denting, scratching;
    • Inherent vice, mould and mildew, or infestation;
    • Mysterious disappearance and misappropriation.

  • For claims resulting from porch piracy.


This policy also incorporates the following clauses (the full text of these clauses can be provided upon request):

  • Institute Radioactive Contamination, Chemical, Biological, Biochemical and Electromagnetic Weapons Exclusion Clause 10/11/03.
  • Marine Cyber Exclusion 5402 11/11/19.
  • Communicable Disease Exclusion (Cargo) JC2020-011 17/04/20.
  • Sanctions Limitation and Exclusion Clause LMA3100 Amended.
  • Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act Cap (53B).
  • Computer Millennium Clause.
  • Termination of Transit Clause (Terrorism).

Law Applicable:

Unless the parties have agreed otherwise in writing, any dispute concerning the interpretation, performance and enforcement of this insurance shall be determined in accordance with the law and practice in Singapore.

Reasonable Precautions:

Failure to take reasonable precautions to prevent, minimize, or mitigate any loss which may give rise to a claim under this policy will invalidate your policy or result in a claim being rejected or settlement reduced.


If at the time of a loss the actual value of the goods exceeds the applicable total insured value we will not pay more than the proportion of the claim that the total insured value bears to the actual value of the goods.

Waiver of Subrugation:

You must not grant any waiver of recourse to any third party without our prior agreement.

Basis of valuation:

The agreed method of establishing the total insured value of the goods for the premium calculation and claims adjustment purposes is:

  1. Goods where a sales contract has been agreed – Invoice price including shipping costs;
  2. New goods where no sales contract has been agreed – New replacement value including shipping costs;
  3. Second-hand and/or used goods where no sales contract has been agreed – Used market value including shipping costs.

Fraudulent or Exaggerated Claims:

If you or someone on your behalf of knowingly:

  1. makes a false claim;
  2. exaggerates the amount of a claim;
  3. provides us with false or misleading declarations or statements to support a claim; or
  4. provides us with any other false or invalid documents or relies on any fraudulent devices to support a claim.

We may, at our option,

  1. decline cover under this insurance policy for the relevant claim; or
  2. reduce the claim; or
  3. void this insurance Policy from the date of the relevant.

Pair, sets or parts:

In case of loss or damage to any goods which form part of a pair or set we may:

  1. Repair or replace any part to restore the pair or set to its value before the loss or damage; or
  2. Pay the difference between the value of the pair or set before and after the loss or damage.

In case of loss or damage to any part of the goods consisting of several parts when complete, we will only pay for the value of the lost or damaged part.


We shall not provide cover and shall not be liable to pay any claim or provide any benefit hereunder to the extent that the provision of such cover, payment of such claim or provision of such benefit would expose that insurer to any sanction, prohibition or restriction under United Nations resolutions or the trade or economic sanctions, laws or regulations of the European Union, United Kingdom or the United States of America.

Cancelation and refunds:

You can cancel this cover prior to the parcel leaving the originating address by either contacting Floship or by contacting the administrator and we will refund you 100% of the premium. No refund will be payable once the parcel leaves the originating address.

Floship may, at its discretion, request that we cancel the cover for a particular consignment prior to the parcel leaving the originating address.

  1. If your parcel is lost, stolen or damaged, please go to your Floship portal order page. Click on the provided unique link to start your claim submission.
  2. All packaging material and damaged goods must be kept in the original form as received. Packaging and damaged goods should not be disposed of before a claim is completed as photographs may be required. Failure to comply will result in the denial of the claim due to insufficient packing.
  3. In respect of any claim under this policy you must provide us with any supporting documentation reasonably required and at all times provide us with your full cooperation.
  4. We will have the option to repair or replace any goods subject of a claim recoverable under this policy.
  5. Upon the payment of any claim, all your rights and remedies against such other parties will be subrogated to us and we shall receive the benefit of any amount(s) recoverable from such other parties. In the event the net recovery received from any such other parties exceeds the amount paid by us to you in respect of the claim, then we shall account to you for any such excess.

The following words or phrases will have the same meanings set out below wherever they appear in this policy.


Cover Genius Trading Pty Ltd.


means the document provided at the time of purchase outlines the specific details of the cover, including your details, the goodstotal insured value and transit.


means the good(s) have been accidentally or maliciously rendered inoperable.

Delivery address

means the address registered with Floship, to which the goods will be delivered.


means the the items that are within your parcel and are not described in the cover exclusions.

Lost or Loss

means the goods have been declared lost in transit by Floship.

Originating address

means the address registered with Floship, from which the goods will be collected.


means goods for which you have arranged transit and have been allocated a tracking number.

Theft or vandalism

means an illegal activity where the goods are not recovered.

Total insured value

means the maximum amount we will pay for any claim.

Tracking Number

means the unique reference provided by the courier that enables you to track and view the status of the delivery of your parcel.


means the period of time your parcel is being transported and as shown in the certificate. This period commences when the parcel leaves their originating address and ends when they are received by the intended customer at the delivery address.


Berkley Insurance Company (Singapore Branch).


the insured shown in the certificate.



This policy is a contract between you and us.

You must read your policy and certificate as one single contract.

Your policy provides cover against a lossdamage or theft to the goods during the transit shown in your certificate.

Please read all documents to make sure the cover provided meets your needs.

If any of your information is incorrect or changes, please contact the administrator and Floship. If we have wrong information this may result in an increased policy cost and/or claims not being paid in full, or your policy may not be valid, and claims will not be paid.


This policy is underwritten by Berkley Insurance Company (Singapore Branch).