How Floship Created A Bespoke Fulfillment Solution That Has Empowered Fjorden’s Supply Chain Transparency

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Fjorden began in 2021 when the company’s founder decided to bring the same professional camera controls to the iPhone to make the one in your pocket the best camera in the world.


  • The need for a simple way to monitor inventory while shipping worldwide from a warehouse close to their manufacturer.
  • Create a delectable unboxing experience for customers with unique eco-friendly packing requirements for different SKUs.
  • Secure shipping routes during geopolitical uncertainties and simultaneously provide customers with economical shipping options.
  • The need for experienced logistics support to enter new markets & related duty payments.


When their wildly successful camera-tech Kickstarter campaign doubled its funding goal, Fjorden found themselves with a need to find a suitable shipping partner that could flexibly meet their growth expectations, help them to expand internationally, and deliver their backer rewards in a cost-efficient manner.

“I’ve worked with numerous 3PL warehouses globally – nobody does it like Floship!!”

Floship Solution

The key driver behind Floship’s solution is its powerful portal which, thanks to its comprehensive reporting suite, has given Fjorden the level of visibility they were looking for over key supply chain information including inventory numbers, shipment statuses, courier shipping costs, and more. All of these metrics are presented in a clear, and concise manner that doesn’t overwhelm users enabling them to effortlessly create exported reports that matter the most to their business needs.

A main Floship portal feature that Fjorden has been able to leverage to gain advanced cost visibility is Floship’s Shipping Cost Calculator. This integrated feature provides real-time clarity over the various shipping options available as well as associated costs (such as DAP/DDP) involved with shipping orders on an individual per country and per order value basis. As a result, Fjorden’s customers gain clear expectations over their order’s delivery timeline during the checkout process.

Another Floship portal feature that Fjorden has been able to utilize to free up manpower resources is the intelligent automation rules engine. These automations rules have been able to put manually intensive processes on autopilot thereby freeing up Fjorden’s manpower resources, saving them time, and on operational costs.

As Fjorden are conscientious about not only the entire customer experience but the environment as well, a major pain point when it came to finding the right fulfillment solution focused on working alongside a provider that would be able to help them create enjoyable, eco-friendly unboxing experiences for their customers.

Luckily, Floship’s sustainable shipping solution had the answer. Floship is no stranger when it comes to creating plastic-free delivery experiences. Floship’s dedicated Account Manager worked closely in tandem with the Fjorden team to create a delivery experience that uses the least amount of paper-based packaging materials possible whilst at the same time ensuring that the customers’ order is well protected and that the unboxing experience is truly delightful.


Thanks to Floship’s support, Fjorden has been able to leverage proximity to their key supplier locations to ship more than 10,000 orders to over 30 countries without dealing with the complexity of multi-warehousing.

Thanks to Floship’s extensive carrier network and the Shipping Cost Calculator, Fjorden has been empowered to strike a balance between cost and speed, to make smarter shipping decisions, and to provide their customers with a range of shipping methods that are cost-effective.

“Floship is a big part of our growth and operations. We really appreciate that they help every step of the way, from the moment an order leaves the warehouse until it reaches our customers.”

Not only that, the custom packaging and delivery solution has been positively received by Fjorden’s customers with countless pieces of feedback from satisfied customers who are delighted with the speed of delivery and so far, and zero complaints relating to mis-packing or damaged packaging have been received.

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Floship logistics solutions cover all aspects of the global supply chain, ensuring minimal operation effort for e-commerce businesses while exceeding their expectations, allowing business owners to concentrate on driving growth and investment flexibility while gaining peace of mind

A key component of Floship’s global logistics solutions is advanced logistics technology that streamlines and automates ecommerce brands’ supply chains in order to expedite growth and expansion. Floship’s plug-and-play integrations, intelligent automation rules, and a comprehensive operational and management tool suite act as the building blocks of supply chain optimization, tailored to address growth factors such as cost, efficiency, complexity, visibility, accuracy, and more


Our vision at Fjorden is to make the camera in your pocket the best camera in the world. The inspiration was a magical moment in 1983: That’s when our founder Victor, aged 3, fell in love with his father’s Rollei 35 camera. He’s been shooting photos on DSLRs and mirrorless cameras ever since – and wanted to bring the same professional camera controls to his iPhone.

In 2021, Victor launched Fjorden on Kickstarter. The campaign raised more than $500,000 – more than 2x the funding goal – from thousands of photographers all over the world.

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