How Floship Accelerated Loog’s Australia Fulfillment Expansion Plans

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Loog Guitars

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Loog are award-winning guitars designed to get kids playing, learning, and falling in love with music. Loog is driven by a passion for music and sustainable design with wood only sourced from responsibly managed forests.


  • The need for a fulfillment partner with experience of working to tight manufacturing-to-delivery timelines.
  • A reliable global shipping solution that could secure reliable and cost-effective shipping solutions.
  • A fulfillment partner that could provide support and advice when it came to entering new markets.
  • A logistics partner that was capable of managing a split-inventory management approach across multiple markets.


After the success of their latest Kickstarter campaign, Loog was on the lookout for a fulfillment partner that could assist them with their global expansion plans. When it came to finding an end-to-end logistics solution that could help them enter new markets and included easy-to-use technology that integrates with Shopify to simplify cross-border logistics, Floship was the obvious choice.

“We were able to access a new market with Floship and increase revenue significantly with minimal shipping or distribution issues during the process. We plan to expand to new markets in 2023 using Floship”

Floship Solution

A major decisive factor that influenced Loog to enlist Floship was its ability to create a bespoke fulfillment solution that would deliver to Australia. Floship has extensive experience with Australia fulfillment solutions and decided to adopt a multi-country inventory management approach to minimize shipping costs.

Taking advantage of the strategic position of Floship’s warehouses in Hong Kong and China being close to their manufacturing facilities, the need for extensive first-mile transportation was minimized. Shipping from China also enabled Loog to take advantage of Floship’s preferred shipping rates from it’s expansive transportation network minimizing freight and last-mile delivery costs.

To further reduce shipping costs, Floship strategized alongside the Loog team to create a value-adding custom packaging solution. The fulfillment team was trained so that when an order contained add-on items, they would delicately insert the items into the existing packaging in order to maximize the available space in the container, minimize additional freight charges, and eliminate excess waste generated by shipping items separately.

Loog was also able to leverage the Floship portal’s direct integration with Shopify. In just a few clicks, and with the help of their dedicated Account Manager, Loog’s Shopify store was connected to their Floship system giving them complete visibility and control over their fulfillment process. The Shopify integration also has several unique advantages that Loog could leverage including advanced fraud detection along with several important quality-of-life features that enhance their customer checkout experience.

As soon as orders are synchronized from their Shopify store, the Floship portal puts to work the intelligent automation rules engine to expedite and streamline the documentation process. Loog leveraged the automatic documentation generation feature to create shipping labels, commercial invoices, and all related duties and customs documents which made for effortless shipping to Australia. This powerful feature prepares the required shipping documents for any country – even countries with strict customs regulations, saving Loog countless hours of administrative work and enabling them to ship to Australia.


With an effortless onboarding process, Loog was able to quickly fulfill its goal of expanding into new markets and meeting its consumer demand. Due to the ease at which Floship made this possible, Loog has decided to continue working alongside the experienced team at Floship to expand into more markets in the Asia Pacific and South America regions in the months ahead.

Loog chose to work alongside an agile and flexible fulfillment team which meant that when the brand experienced a surge in demand during the holiday season, Floship stood ready to deploy additional manpower and resources to match those expectations and meet fulfillment deadlines with minimal delays and disruptions.

The demand for Loog’s innovative products during the last quarter of the year swelled by more than 3000%. Working closely and communicating their projections with their Floship Account Manager ahead of the holiday season meant that sufficient manpower was standing by ready to handle the skyrocketed demand. The team was able to achieve 99% fulfillment accuracy and 96% of orders on time.

Loog made the right choice by selecting Floship as its cross-border fulfillment partner. With Floship’s experienced team to onboard, guide, and support every mile of the way, Loog’s peak season demand and international expansion plan have found a reliable and flexible partner to make them a reality.

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About Loog

Loog is an award-winning line of guitars, designed to make it fun and easy for children to play music. It started as an academic project when Rafael Atijas developed the concept for a 3-string kids’ guitar as his Master’s thesis at New York University. A year later, in 2011, Loog launched to market through a Kickstarter campaign and, since then, has expanded to a full line of acoustic and electric instruments and music learning apps. Loog guitars are played by hundreds of thousands of children all around the world, as well as established musicians, such as Jack White and members of The Rolling Stones.


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