How Floship Helped Nordgreen Avoid Sending 272 Shipping Containers Worth of Plastic to Landfill

As an environmentally conscious brand, Nordgreen needed to find a scalable international fulfillment solution that could simultaneously help them achieve its ESG goals.

The Client:

Nordgreen ApS

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Nordgreen began in 2017 with the notion of an ‘active’ brand, for which thoughtfully designed timepieces are the means for bringing positive change.


  • Find a scalable fulfillment solution
  • Find a shipping partner that could help achieve sustainability objectives.
  • Deliver products internationally


When pioneering Scandinavian watch brand Nordgreen was looking for an international fulfillment partner, there were not many solutions that could help them realize their sustainability objectives. Combined with a need for a scalable supply chain solution that would be capable of adapting to surges in product demand, the timeless brand was ultimately convinced by Floship’s bespoke and flexible circular supply chain ecosystem.

“It’s super easy to set up. One of the smoothest plug-and-play solutions I’ve worked with.”

Floship Solution

In order to achieve expedited delivery to their customers, Floship advised Nordgreen to split its inventory across Floship’s Hong Kong, US, and UK warehouses.

As an environmentally conscious brand, Nordgreen attempts to minimize its environmental footprint as much as possible. In order to achieve this objective, Floship’s warehouse teams pack items with as minimal plastic as possible. Paper fillers and wrapping are used as an alternative to plastic-intensive polybags and bubble wrap and as a result – since onboarding with Floship, Nordgreen has avoided sending 3,947 m2 of excess plastic waste to landfill — an area equivalent to 272 shipping containers!

In addition to expedited last-mile and green packaging solutions, Floship’s Account Managers assisted Nordgreen with setting up some of the platform’s powerful automation rules. Taking advantage of the direct Shopify integration, Floship was able to automate and streamline shipping to Nordgreen’s Taiwanese customers. This bespoke rule seamlessly pulls Taiwanese tax ID information from Shopify to provide both Nordgreen and their customers with a hassle-free duties and customs experience.

Another automation rule that the Floship team enabled was packaging optimization. This rule ensured that all packages that were missing certain SKUs were input into the correct orders thus eliminating a major pain point that Nordgreen had faced. The optimization feature automated the packaging dimensions of each package to ensure that it was best-fit. By selecting the best-fit packaging for each order, Floship was able to reduce the volumetric weight of each order resulting in fewer CO2 emissions during last-mile delivery and cheaper shipping costs for Nordgreen.


With Floship, Nordgreen has fulfilled 24,668+ orders to over 19 countries. As a conscientious company, when the pandemic struck, Nordgreen decided to gift each of its customers with custom PPE. Floship’s flexible solution enabled Nordgreen to add this personalized touch to each and every package.

By entering into a long-term arrangement with Floship, Nordgreen has been able to successfully leverage Floships worldwide network of warehouses to scale their business offerings in the US, UK, and European markets. Not only that, Nordgreen has been able to reduce its shipping costs as a result of Floship’s strong global network of international and domestic courier partners. As their experienced fulfillment partner, Floship handles the minutiae of shipping to new countries. Nordgreen’s team has been able to expand into new markets without worrying about the day-to-day logistics and cant rest assured knowing that intricate shipping laws and regulations are in safe hands.

Key Statistics

24K +

Orders fulfilled

19+ countries

Countries Shipped To


Shipping Containers Worth of Plastic Avoided Landfill


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Nordgreen began in 2017 with the notion of an ‘active’ brand, for which thoughtfully designed timepieces are the means for bringing positive change. Founders Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt envisioned watch designs rooted in a rich Scandinavian tradition that interlink purpose and functionality with timeless aesthetic appeal that can be passed on to the next generation. Nordgreen’s default setting is to approach life with passion and to treat the environment with respect. And with respect comes responsibility. They are aware of the multiple layers that responsibility contains and act upon them with transparency. They are 100% committed to making sure their environmental footprint is zero and feel a responsibility to give back where they can, to help those less fortunate than themselves.

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