5 Things Floship Can Do To Help You Build Your E-Commerce Strategic Direction

Eric Pong
Build Your E-Commerce Strategic Direction- Floship

In its two decades of operation, Amazon has set the standard for online retailers:
Many of its processes have become benchmarks for how eCommerce should be done.

Despite being the worlds largest online retailer, many still raised eyebrows when the company started to diversify.

Branching into devices (Amazon Fire), faster delivery systems (Prime), movies, analysts claimed the company would be spread too thin and fail. But since that prediction in 2014, Amazon has posted profits, by focusing on their ‘one thing’–wowing customers with excellent customer service.

When the company first started, all Jeff Bezos wanted was an eCommerce store where he could sell books. But Bezos also focused on the customer experience. He allowed users to publish reviews of books they had read.

This social proof led to other people buying books, reviewing them and even more sales.
Fast forward to today, and Amazon now sells almost every product you can imagine.
A large portion of their success can be linked to consistently providing great customer service. But due to the ease of setting up an eCommerce store, many eCommerce sellers try to copy Amazon. Needless to say, they fail woefully as they lack one or both of those fundamental factors.
To have any lasting success, any businesses must carve out a niche, rather than developing a me-too business. The business must also develop a growth strategy to propel the business to more success.
In eCommerce, the focus is often on having a nice-looking website, updated social media accounts, branding, etc.
But successful eCommerce also involves the ‘little’ things like seamless logistics, simple payment systems etc.
Floship is a Hong Kong-based fulfillment provider, and while we can’t help you choose between parallax scrolling or card design, we do know fulfillment.
Here are 5 ways partnering with us can help you cement your eCommerce business goals:

1. Crowdfunding Fulfillment

Congratulations on a successful, fully funded campaign.
But gear-up after the campaign ends, that’s when the real work starts.
Successful crowdfunders all admit that poor fulfillment can derail even the best projects.

Non-fulfillment or late delivery of rewards is also a major problem in crowdfunding.

With a few thousand orders to be fulfilled, your eyes are probably glazing over at the magnitude of the task ahead.
Don’t fret, Floship can help you get your products and rewards into backers hands within the time specified. We offer light assembly, packaging procurement, packaging for shipping, shipping label preparation etc.
By partnering with Floship to fulfill your crowdfunding, you’ll:

  • Gain time and save money.
  • Have time time to plan your next crowdfunding campaign.
  • Satisfy backers with rapid shipping.

2. International eCommerce Fulfillment

Moving a total of 4,411,193 tonnes of cargo per annum, Hong Kong is considered the world’s largest air-freight hub.
Its proximity to major manufacturing centres in Asia, means e-commerce sellers selling products from the Asia Pacific region, take advantage of an extra benefit:

Their logistics costs are significantly reduced, meaning order fulfillment becomes faster, cheaper and more convenient.

From Floship’s location in Hong Kong, we can oversee your inbound logistics, allowing you focus on expanding your business.

3. Our Value Added Services

Savvy eCommerce sellers know that retaining customers is one of the best competitive strategies they can gain.
Satisfied customers will shop more and will refer others to your business. To delight your customers with a personalized touch, Floship provides a wide variety of value added services.
Whether it’s special packaging, inclusion of mailing inserts, re-packaging, kitting etc–we have the equipment and a skilled team to handle all value added services efficiently and cost-effectively.
We work closely with our clients to be their fulfillment partner, rather than just a service provider. Using our value-added services, you can:

  • quickly respond and keep up with the customer’s evolving needs
  • reduce inventory costs and turnaround time
  • free up warehouse space
  • reduce overall labor costs

4. Develop a Custom Logistics Plan

So you have the first few sales coming in on your eCommerce stores, what’s next?

  • Which courier will be the most cost-effective to use?
  • What kind of packing, and protection do you use for different SKUs?
  • Corrugated boxes versus flat pack boxes?
  • Bubble wrap versus polystyrene chips?
  • Do you have a fulfillment plan to handle increased sales during the holiday shopping season?

Avoid guesswork, angry customers and damaged goods by allowing Floship develop a custom logistics plan for your business.
We will study your offering and develop a plan to:

  • Ensure your product stays well-protected during shipping.
  • Arrives on the promised date.
  • Sort out reverse logistics.

5. Offer Special Shipping Rates

With the amount of shipping options available, many eCommerce sellers tend to choose the cheapest option.

The cash saved is  soon spent when goods don’t get delivered on time (or damaged in transit), and customers request refunds.

Using an order fulfillment partner like Floship allows you get access to the fastest shipping possible at the cheapest prices.
We can offer significantly lower prices than the local Post office, because of established relationships with leading shipping carriers. This means we can negotiate more favorable rates for our clients.
By spending significantly less on shipping, your business saves thousands of dollars while providing customers with their purchases within the stated delivery times.
When you can deliver to customers while your competitors flounder, just think of how much of an advantage that is.
While you may not carry Amazon’s vast inventory, you can still borrow a leaf from their strategy playbook.
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