De Buren Teams Up with DHL and TNT for Unmanned Parcel Service

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By partnering with De Buren (“The Neighbors”), an unmanned Dutch pick up service, DHL parcels and TNT now have 50 additional unmanned pick up locations in the country. DHL has just established their own locker systems, following Parcel4Me and PostNL.

Unmanned Shipping = Convenient Logistics

De Buren’s automatic parcel terminals are composed of lockers where shoppers can send or pick up the packages all year round. Another, in a long list of innovations in package management, DHL is planning to use these lockers to give more options to their customers, such as the date and place of their online deliveries. The lockers can also be used as return points, but only if the online store where the item is ordered from allows it. The two logistics companies complement each other’s strategy because of De Buren’s unmanned locations and DHL’s thousand manned Parcelshops.
De Buren also declared their partnership with TNT. The Dutch company gave them 50 automatic locker terminals that they can offer to their customers. TNT Innight, a company that specializes in night shipments, will be using these stations for time pressured deliveries. With the addition of these new services, customers will have new delivery options to choose from.

Flexible Options

“Our customers have hundreds of engineers who solve failures during daytime. And the parts they need for that, we deliver during the night,” said Carel van der Horst, the Strategic Account Manager of TNT Innight.

“Usually we deliver these parts in the trunk of the engineer’s cars. But some of our larger customers asked for an additional method of delivery. Sometimes they want to have more leeway in planning their jobs. When an item is delivered to an unmanned location, such as the lockers of De Buren, our customers can decide until the last minute which of their engineers will pick up the items and perform the job. This gives us and them a large degree of flexibility.”

Network Expansion

De Buren is still in the works to develop its network unmanned locker stations throughout the country. The lockers are also being used by pharmacies and dry cleaning services, both of which are offline retail solutions.

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