UK, France, Germany Have Varying Delivery Preferences

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When it comes to the preferred mode of delivery, researchers discovered that the United Kingdom, France, and Germany have varying preferences.
Click & collect, for instance, is the preferred delivery of most online shoppers in the UK for the last 12 months, while French consumers liked buying their goods at a local store. This shows that delivery preferences between these three European countries differ greatly from each other.

Fulfillment and Shipping Research

Found through a new research conducted by MetaPack, it was learned that click & collect is preferred by 63% of online shoppers in the UK for the past year. However, the situation is not the same with Germany and France – two of the largest ecommerce countries in Europe. In France, only 43% of shoppers used the click and collect option, while only 26% of surveyed consumers from Germany preferred this method.
Picking up their goods at a local store is much more preferred in France, since 72% of the consumers who answered the survey chose this option. The study also showed that 30% of Germans and 25% of Britons choose this option.
One in two German consumers chose the locker service option. This service, however, is significantly lower in France (9%) and in the UK (10%).

What is the most important factor for consumers when it comes to deliveries?

This question was also addressed in the research conducted by MetPack. Most of the British and French consumers say that free delivery is what they value most, while Germans do not think that it’s the most important. Fast delivery is what more than one in four Germans value most, which is less important for online shoppers in the UK (22%) and France (18%).

Cross-border online shopping for the French people

Most of the consumers who do cross-border ecommerce are the French. French online consumers are almost two thirds (71%) of the shoppers who have bought from online retailers more than the Germans (61%) and the Britons (61%).
Majorities of the online shoppers (UK has 89%, France has 84%, and Germany has 83%) of these three big European countries say that they would choose online retailers over others because of the positive delivery experience they can offer.
MetPack used a sample of 1500 French, German, and British consumers for the survey.
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