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Mastering cross border shipping is HARD.
At Floship, our global network spans across warehouses in 3 continents using 50+ international couriers delivering to ecommerce shoppers across 250 regions. Beyond the numbers, we also factor in that different couriers have better shipping rates pending on the region, the parcel size, the weight and the speed of delivery, and did we mention all countries and regions have their own tax thresholds for the value of the order?
Suffice to say, it can be a challenge to select the right courier fulfilling from the right warehouse based on the plethora of order combinations your customers make via your ecommerce site. The end result, due to the myriad of factors you need to factor in, often leads to a wastage in shipping times and costs.
Our goal is to create an automated process enabling you to select the optimal courier shipping option from the right fulfillment centre based on the exact customisations of your customers’ order.
We call this Advanced Shipping Option Mapping (ASOM).


Advanced Shipping Option Mapping are automated rules that enables you to categorise groups of shopping cart orders that share the same order conditions. When a shipping order meets these conditions, the portal will automatically fulfill the order via your preselected Floship warehouse and courier.

List of Automated Rules assigning courier & warehouse (outcomes) based on the set of events (conditions) the shipping order needs to match

The key to successfully mastering ASOM and your supply chain is mastering conditions and outcomes.
Conditions are criterias the shopping order needs to match. For ASOM v1.0, you can group orders to match these criterias:

    • SKU
    • Number of SKUs in order
    • SKU Product Type 
    • Destination Country
    • Total Order Value 

List of conditions you can select to group shipping orders by

List of programmed Conditions

Outcomes are the fulfillment instructions you program into the Portal. The portal will automatically action the outcomes once an order meets the conditions. For v1.0, they are:

    • Which courier to use
    • Which Floship warehouse to fulfill from

Ultimately, the goal is to give you the control and visibility of accurate, faster and cheaper shipping based on courier times and inventory availability in your warehouses across the Floship network, not only saving you time and cost, but more importantly, improving your customer experience through improved delivery times.
What excites me is over the coming month, we will be releasing ASOM V2.0, implementing additional conditions and features to better streamline your shipping experience on the Floship Portal.
For instructions on how to use ASOM, please login to the portal and contact your dedicated account manager.

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