How To Quickly Fix Your Content Strategy For Ecommerce Site And Finally Get Results

How To Quickly Fix Your Content Strategy For Ecommerce Site And Finally Get Results
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According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) records of 2018, about 65% of B2B marketing specialists found content management more efficient than before. 
Content strategy is a bond that holds all parts of the project together. If it has no clear direction or doesn’t exist at all, the risk of commercial failure is nearly 100%. 
Indeed, a strong content creation strategy is the keystone of successful e-business nowadays. If it is applied in the right place and at the right time, you will open a straight line towards getting the results you need.
However, reaching successful results is far from being easy. The content strategy implementation involves many subtleties and difficulties.
It requires a decent knowledge of ecommerce content marketing as well as goal-oriented and professional content, collaboration with every writer, and smooth interaction between all team members.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of the content strategy

The success and efficiency of online content strategy and content marketing are estimated by the following criteria:

Target audience outreach

This accounts for the number of users who have viewed your content. To estimate the target audience outreach, use a specific period for analysis, like a month or quarter. 

Customer involvement

The number of reviews, comments, likes on a corporate blog or site shows how engaging the content is to the audience. 


Conversion is the number of users who have made a specific action on the site, like filling out an application for the service, ordering a callback, reaching an online chat, etc.
When an ecommerce company needs to change the content strategy

When an ecommerce company needs to change the content strategy

Before developing a content strategy, every ecommerce company requires a stable open-source platform to start making money.
Nowadays, most companies, from startups to big international corporations, use Magneto, wooCommerce, or Shopify marketing solutions. Some businesses implement those on their own, while others choose trusted fulfillment solutions
Once the software is set up and the platform is ready to go, a marketing department starts working on content strategy. A typical content strategy involves planning and creating internal and external content. 
The internal content strategy covers the company’s corporate blog, social networks, and newsletters, while external includes news and business media, affiliate websites, and different platforms where your potential clients might be found.
As a rule, the ecommerce content strategy is defined for a specific period: one, two, or three months. If at the end of the term and after the analysis of the obtained results the company sees positive dynamics, such as traffic growth, it can claim that it is on the right road, and their content should continue to work in the same mode.
However, if there is a tendency to decrease critical criteria, it is necessary to reconsider the strategy, correct it partially, or modify.

Top tips for enhancing content strategy

Versus posting

Users like to compare products, services, and offers. They find it useful, clear, and something that reveals the offer better. You can publish more “X vs. Y” materials for this purpose. 
Such requests are usually less competitive in SEO, and their CPC (cost per click) is quite high as users are already aware of the services and ready to make a decision.

Links to social media profiles

If you practice outreach and crowd marketing, always use the links to the social media profiles in your email signature.
The analysis of 10 million emails shows that the number of feedback to letters with reference to social networks is 9% more than without them. A link to the Instagram account is especially appreciated.
It is also beneficial to include references to social networks of the content creator as it reinforces the users’ trust and loyalty.

Content recreation

Instead of creating new landing pages, sometimes it’ s worth simply refreshing existing ones. Find content that works well but has started to lose traffic over time, and check its relevance. Rewrite some parts if needed and get a profit of up to 100%. 

PBC formula

The long reads work, but it is not only about the text volume. Use the PBC formula which stands for preview, benefits, call to action. Start with a short preview, slowly move to useful effect or benefits, and end up with a call to action.
Keep in mind that a call to action is not only a button to “buy” or “subscribe”, but also an apparent reason to keep reading the content. Use phrases like “let’s consider”, “learn more below”, and other words that promise to be useful.

Keyword in URL

Having the query in the web address is useful for both SEO and users. It is not mandatory to use direct query entry, but the semantic connection should be evident.

Dynamic video content

Dynamic video content

If you use video content, cut it ruthlessly, eliminating pauses and voice defects. The video you record continuously will most likely be tiresome and won’t keep users concentrated. Take a look at the top video bloggers – even a single sentence can contain several clips with different angles. 

Customize your content

To stand out from the crowd, ensure your content is aimed exactly at your target audience. Evergage’s research on customization trends for 2019 shows that 88% of marketing specialists consider content personalization as a way to improve their clients’ experience, Fifty eight percent think it increased their trust, and another 50% noted its significant ROI value.
Personalization is not just about putting a customer’s name in an email. It is a technique that brings the brand’s history to life through content that is emotionally linked to the current consumer and your business relationships.


Most people understand that your content’s primary purpose is to increase sales and the number of potential customers, and this realization can lead to reliability and credibility concerns. That’ s why so many successful content marketing strategies include UGC – a user-generated content.
When deciding to purchase a product or service, customers listen to feedback provided by real users. The feedback that can be posted on the site and positive Google reviews are also a perfect starting point.


You will most likely have to create a lot of content before one of the solutions becomes viral or at least significantly increases sales. Once you do this, it is time to maximize the impact of the content.
When you diversify content and go beyond standard blog posts, you create the opportunity to reach a wider audience and increase customers’ engagement.

Wrapping up

A well-conceived content strategy guides the company’s marketing activities towards achieving its goals. It aims to explain your message to the market, attract customers’ attention, and give answers to visitors’ questions, turning them into buyers.
The maintenance of content strategy is the most critical point to be considered by companies that use content marketing in their promotion tools. It is exactly what distinguishes the content marketing winners from those who never reach their target audience.


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