How Voice Technology is Changing eCommerce Rules

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The revolutionary Voice Technology is slowly changing the ecommerce landscape. In fact, studies show that by 2020, over 30% of web searches will be conducted without typing. This means that a huge number of internet users will be talking to their devices to interact with them and perform various functions. Since online shopping is one of the main activities that many people undertake online, the massive uptake of Voice Technology is sure to shift to the ecommerce landscape.
Voice Technology is still at its infancy today. Our devices only understand a few keywords and preset commands. However, with the recent developments made in this space, in just a few years our devices will be able to analyze our past interactions with them and infer our meanings. Today you can order dinner or make purchases online using only your voice. This is going to improve, even more, thus improving user experience on several platforms.
Several innovative companies are rapidly changing ecommerce rules using voice technology. There are several industries that are already feeling the impact of Voice Technology:

1 Banking

Voice Technology is already changing the way we bank. For example, in Spain, there is a bank called Santander that has a mobile app that accepts voice commands. For example, you can say “Pay Raul 200 dollars tomorrow.” The app recognizes these keywords and executes the command. There are also similar virtual assistant programs that can assist you and answer your banking queries as a real person would. Other banks are using voice biometrics to confirm your identity when you call them, to bypass the need for having to provide account details and other information that you may not have on hand. Your voice becomes your password.

2 Leisure and Hospitality

In Japan, there are several hotels that have front desk robots with voice recognition and facial recognition capabilities. The robots can translate languages or tell you about the area and offer additional services. Hilton Hotels also have Connie, a virtual assistant that can direct you to your room and give you information about amenities and activities in the hotel. You can ask Connie, “What time does the event start,” or “Where the swimming pool is” and she will answer you and help you get to where you need to be. All this contributes to the customer having round the clock, high-quality service, and improves brand loyalty.

3 Smart Homes

Smart homes have been a major target for voice technology companies. There has been a surge in voice-activated appliances and home assistants. From Alexa to Google Assistant and even Siri, everyone is in a race to control the home and streamline the living experience of the user. There are voice controlled home pods like Ecobee or Nest and even holographic assistants like Gatebox that respond to voice commands. You are almost spoilt for choice as the consumer. You can rely on only your voice to set your home temperature, turn lights on and off, get out of bed in the morning, prepare coffee, shop with coupons and even to preheat the oven. The possibilities are endless.
Today, voice technology and the Internet of things promises a whole new level of convenience for users. As these assistants learn from you and become more efficient, they will make your life so much easier. Similarity, depending on the industry, the voice technology will help the customers better navigate through your website and even present them with deal and discounts and increase profits in return.
Voice technology is clearly changing the ecommerce landscape. Companies have caught on the scent, and are innovating and investing appropriately to take advantage of the unique advantages and opportunities this new technology is promising.
Based on Tactica, a New Jersey-based SEO company “studies show that 30% of online businesses are already using voice technology solutions. More and more businesses are taking up voice technology, and even prioritizing it.” Internet of Things promises to shake things up even more. Since IoT relies heavily on voice technology and minimum human interaction, those who take up voice technology as early as now will be at a unique position to take advantage of all that the winds of change are bringing.
For brands, being able to be relied on by their users, being able to anticipate their needs and cater to them, and being able to get closer to the consumer, these are what will set them apart. This level of trust builds loyalty, and loyalty means more revenue.

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