Keystone Strategies to Keep your eCommerce Supply Chain on Top of the Game

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Global Fulfillment peak season

Don’t have the global fulfillment game plan for the upcoming peak season ready yet? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

According to a survey from Container xChange, 41% of freight forwarders expect the upcoming peak season to be more chaotic than 2021 due to the pandemic lockdowns and ongoing geopolitics. Here are two keystone strategies to keep your eCommerce supply chain on top of the game.

Have a flexible and adaptable operation model for eCommerce supply chain

With the pandemic lockdowns, the risk of facing production delays is higher than ever. A flexible and adaptable network is the key to minimizing the impact and running a good peak season. Bill Seward, president of worldwide sales and solutions for UPS, said that his team put a lot of work and assets to “deploy to run a good peak season” and “run a flexible network.”

Work with a trusted and experienced logistic provider

Many of the existing eCommerce business does not have the right supply chain model to handle a large volume of orders in a time-sensitive manner. With the exponential growth of online shopping, the best strategy for eCommerce brands is to work with experienced logistics providers that have great networks of couriers, fully equipped warehouse locations and fulfillment centers across the globe, dedicated teams willing to think for and with clients, and capability to handle large-scale drop shipments. 

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