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Retaining existing customers is not only cheaper for an ecommerce business, but also essential for its survival on the market.
No one can acquire new customers constantly without working on the customer loyalty. Failing to create memorable experiences for current customers leads to worsened reputation, which may eventually turn into the end for your business.
According to Forbes, ”“The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% while it falls to just 5-20% for new prospects.”
Knowing this, don’t you want to do something to retain those loyal customers?

Why are packaging inserts good for your business?

Packaging inserts are a popular, cost-effective medium for improving the relationship with customers.
‘With the variety of packaging inserts ideas, you can build great customer experience for basically nothing. And the best part is – you can choose anything from presents to free features or thank-you cards. All it takes is a minor investment you won’t even feel, and you can get increase in sales and profit in no time!’ – says Bella Jackson, content writer at Aussie Writings.
On average, the conversion rate for packaging insert programs is .35%. In addition to being cost-effective, packaging inserts bring the following benefits:

Targeting the customer

Since the customer has already purchased a product or service they like, you can create a highly targeted insert and increase the customer satisfaction.

No additional costs

Except for the minor cost for the type of insert you will choose, there is no cost for delivering the message. You are already shipping the package, so why not make the most of it?

Increasing loyalty

The right packaging insert will make a customer feel special and important, which in return increases brand loyalty.

6 brilliant packaging inserts ideas for your ecommerce business

1. Discount offers

Offering discounts is one of the most popular ideas for packaging inserts.
Unlike other types of inserts, marketers can deliver these via e-mail or choose a digital delivery of future discount coupons right inside the package with the order.
This may cost slightly more than the e-mail option, but it will definitely leave an impression and serve as a reminder for the customer.
Now, there are several ideas you can use to create deal offers and discounts as a part of your marketing program. The most popular and cost-effective solution is printed coupons at business card size. These are extremely inexpensive and easy to make.
Plus, you can send several cards for the customer to give away to friends (which will in turn get you new customers and more conversions.

2. Samples

Most customers prefer free product samples over all other packaging inserts for a few reasons.
Firstly, free samples are a great way to check a product you are thinking of purchasing, and many customers wouldn’t risk ordering the product without being able to check it first.
Secondly, product samples are an amazing way for a company to introduce new products and product lines the customer may not know about.

3. Gifts

Gifts are pricier than discount cards, but they are an equally great way to delight a customer.
In addition, such gestures avoid the discomfort a customer may feel if you constantly use tricks to sell them other products. Once in a while, giving a small gift is not a bad idea. Fortunately, these gifts don’t have to be expensive at all, and even the smallest gesture can positively surprise the customer.
Seeing how popular the social media shares are now, such ideas have shown tremendous popularity these past few years. Take for example, Ryan French, the founder of GameKlip. French added small candy packages with every order, and customers talked about this surprise over blogs, forums, and almost every social media platform!
So, this brought on unexpected brand recognition in addition to customer satisfaction, with over 27,000 people talking about the candies!

GameKlip Twitter Post
(Photo source:

4. Personalized Notes and Thank-You Cards

This idea can come in several forms.
You can either print out a thank-you card and send it with the order, or take the idea even further and create a handwritten note.
Your customers will certainly appreciate this thoughtful gesture, and a simple note can go a long way when it comes to brand loyalty.

5. Review or Share Requests

Since you’ve already decided to send out some packaging insert as an addition to the package, why not use this opportunity to ask for product reviews or encourage the customer to share the experience on their social media platforms?
If you add some benefits to this packaging insert, this can improve your chances of actually getting that positive review.
Promise your customers a discount if they publish a photo of your products on social media – this will be a small investment on your behalf and yet, a great way to become more acknowledged!

6. Offers

Discounts are the most popular offer made through packaging inserts, but you can always decide to go another way. Here are some ideas you could use:

  •         Offer free shipping on next order/orders

Depending on the size and amount spent on this order, you can offer free shipping on one or two following orders.

  •         Offer a list of new items or sale items

Do you have inventory you desperately want to sell, but no one seems to choose it?
Create a list of sale items and new line of products, and put the list inside the box you will be sending out to the customer. This provides them with information on special deals, and boosts your chances to free up space in the inventory.

Extra Tip: Combine More Package Inserts

The safest way to ensure that your packaging insert strategy is effective is to combine different ideas.
Start by using one idea to test it, and then switch to the next one. You may even want to choose one idea for smaller, and another for larger orders. Maybe even a third one for first-time customers.

Combine more package inserts
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Packaging inserts are an excellent and very simple way to attract new customers. In a simple way, you can provide more value and exceed all the expectations your customers have, and all you have to do is invest a bit of your time and almost no money at all.
As with every marketing strategy, make sure to test several programs before you settle on the best one for your company. Once you do, you can use packaging inserts as one of the main tools for increasing loyalty, profit and sales for the business.

Olivia is an independent journalist and passionate explorer. She likes to write on Aussie writing service about everything that can positively affect people’s life. When not searching for a new topic to write on, Olivia prefers to take a camera and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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