Social Wall and It's Importance in the eCommerce Industry

Social Wall eCommerce
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Social media is pretty much about building connections and getting acquainted with one another. Meanwhile, there is a very lucrative tool in the market that’s catching everyone’s attention, a Social Wall.
User-Generated Content has been ruling the marketing world for almost a decade now and a Social Wall is a great way to display user-generated content to your target audience.
But what is a ‘Social wall’? And how does it play a significant role in the eCommerce sector? Why is it trending? 
Let’s find answers to all these questions.

Social Wall

A Social Wall is a highly engaging and interactive social tool that can immensely enhance your eCommerce marketing strategy. 
A Social Wall displays aggregated user-generated content from multiple social media platforms via channels like hashtags, mentions, tagged, favorites & lists (from Twitter), and others. This aggregated content could be anything varying from social media posts, testimonials, images, videos, RSS feeds, comments, reviews on an online website, literally anything.
All this user-generated content is aggregated in real-time from various platforms, therefore, retaining the dynamic character of the social wall, a must requirement to be an eCommerce success!

How can a Social Wall be an Asset for the eCommerce Industry?

The eCommerce industry is evolving and innovating with every day passing. Businesses and brands are not leaving even a single opportunity to boost audience engagement and capitalize on the enhanced user-interaction.
In such a scenario, a Social Wall presents itself as a great asset to boost the overall eCommerce industry. With the boom and creeping of social media into all aspects of our lives, a social wall can be a perfect fit for the eCommerce brands to display their earned media from various social media platforms.
Also, if you’re an active eCommerce brand or business, you must be aware of the recent trends slowly spreading its wings in the sector, it is Shoppable Posts. Yes, the ones that are so popular on Instagram and boosting revenues for brands on the platform, are also actively popular on eCommerce business websites to enhance the overall purchase journey of the users.
An embedded Social Wall on your website can be easily converted into a Shoppable Social Wall with the proper use of social media tools. The user-generated social media posts can be turned into shoppable by tagging products along with those posts, thereby turning your Social Wall into shoppable content. 
Apart from that, there are many other benefits that a Social Wall entails for the eCommerce industry. Let’s have a look at those.


Though there are ample benefits of a social wall display, picking up the potential ones so that only the niche knowledge can be spread.

Conversion Rate Increases

It is explicit to have the conversion rates for your ecommerce website raised after such a vogue display.
People usually tend to feel attracted to something that is well-represented. This further leads the customers to engage with your embedded shoppable posts, most of them finally end up buying the product they started their purchase journey with. Hence, conversions achieved.
A Social Wall can be a great tool to capitalize on this purchasing behavior of customers, therefore, benefiting the eCommerce industry.

Niche Content Gets Displayed Openly

The content that you display defines your brand image.
Not every user-generated content is good enough to be displayed to the world as your marketing content. Luckily, Social Walls come with powerful moderation features that allow you to filter out the irrelevant content and display only what is apt for your business growth.
Once you get the presentable content filtered, a Social Wall can give the best presentation of your product/service to the public at once. This allows you to display the best quality content to your online visitors to the eCommerce store, thereby, defining your brand standards.

Generates Social Trust

A Social Wall displays your earned media content from multiple sources like blogs, online review sites, social media channels, and others. This content is generated by your loyal customers who willfully posts such content on the internet just because they are happy with your product quality and services.
This is the best form of advertising content you could use for your eCommerce marketing purposes. What could be more trustworthy than your customers advocating for your eCommerce brand/business? Displaying a Social Wall on your homepage, product page, or a checkout page is a great idea indeed to create a positive impact on your visitors’ mind at critical points of the purchase journey.

Improves Organic Reach

In today’s world of plummeting organic reach, a Social Wall displaying user-generated social media content is the best way to boost the overall SEO performance of your website.
It does not just enhance the overall visual appeal of your eCommerce website, but the inherent long-tail keywords that are generically present in the user-generated content amplifies the overall relevancy of your website content. It helps you to improve your overall SEO ranking and attract organic traffic to your eCommerce website.

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Social Wall along with the trend of user-generated content is getting more popular day by day. As one is suiting the other and the other is hitting up the mark of expectation is a desirable thing to find as well.
The eCommerce industry is lurking for innovations like a Social Wall to boost its overall growth as an industry. If you’re an active eCommerce business struggling to boost its revenue then Social Wall is your solution. Try it!

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