Struggles With Supply Chain In The United States

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There are many forces outside your control that can impact shipping routes. Natural disasters and pandemics are just a few examples. The global supply chain has been under strain for nearly three years. Extreme weather along with a pandemic has interfered with shipping routes, especially in the US supply chains. Building resilience in the US shipping ecosystem is much overdue.

Just-In-Time Manufacturing

Supply-chain analysts point the current supply-chain crisis to a strategy known as just-in-time manufacturing. “What we’re seeing right now is, to a certain extent, a consequence of a single-minded focus we’ve had in the industry up to now of focusing on efficiency and just-in-time delivery,” Jens Eskelund, Managing Director of Maersk China announced in a summit. In the just-in-time manufacturing strategy, manufacturers keep a bare minimum of stock in their factories for the purposes of saving space and costs. The problem with the just in time manufacturing is that delay in just one component can lead to an entire production cycle slowing down. During the pandemic, the United States became commonplace for delays.

Here are seven ways companies shipping to the USA can work around unexpected issues and make just-in-time manufacturing less of a hassle.


1. Shorten supply chain production

According to advocates for the strategy, just in time manufacturing makes room close enough to suppliers. And the best way forward is to shorten the supply chain with on-shoring production. This means that warehouses need to cut out long-distance shipping to build resilience.


2. Work With An Experienced Shipping Logistic Company

Experienced shipping logistic companies take the time to anticipate problems by using regional, national and international monitoring systems. With an extensive network of industry contacts, they identify and modify the most suitable shipment routes to avoid trouble spots.


3.  Arrange For Cargo Insurance 

Items can always be damaged during transport. Therefore, it is always best to opt for cargo insurance. Cargo insurance is an excellent way of avoiding the cost of replacing or repairing damaged goods. It is best to with highly reputed insurance companies. Floship provides Flosurance, a shipping insurance solution for global eCommerce brands. The insurance would cover domestic, international, and parcel transit for all clients.


4. Work With Companies That Specialize In Hazmat Shipping

There are many shipping companies out there that are specialized in hazmat shipping. These offer curated suggestions and services for specific packaging and handling requirements. And more importantly, eCommerce SMEs will be sure they don’t break any rules or regulations due to their legal grounding. 


5. Work Around Environmental Damages

Just in time manufacturing deals with pre-existing orders. Therefore, it doesn’t do well with the unexpected, especially environmental damages. Ocean transport can bring about high humidity levels. This means the electronics may corrode or have internal damage. Humidity indicator cards, moisture-barrier packaging, and desiccants  just-in-time manufacturing.


6. Arrange For Shipping As Far In Advance As Possible

In the logistics business, last-minute plans do you no good. Expediting shipments can mean higher fees. A cost-efficient plan takes long-term arrangement. Shipping needs to be arranged as far in advance as possible so as to mitigate unforeseen charges. 


7. Compare Providers To Reduce Costs

For example, comparing providers helps you choose the best alternative. Bargain shippers with logistical errors and improper handling can be far more expensive than premier providers. Floship is a premier provider with competitive rates to suit the needs of various eCommerce brands. Click here to learn more about shipping rates.

Shipping isn’t a one-man show. Ecommerce enterprises need a logistics company to work with. Floship is a logistics company with a simplified, all-in-one fulfillment solution for eCommerce and SMEs. Here, we help global eCommerce brands take control of their supply chain. We offer competitive rates and a range of services to suit your needs. Contact Floship today to get started.

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