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With Floship's tech-first logistic solution, transform your ecommerce logistics operation into your competitive advantage. Leverage our technology, expertise and global network to easily scale your ecommerce business and deliver amazing and consistent shopping experiences, every single time.


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Logistics & Fulfilment Platform

Automate your ecommerce fulfilment with Floship logistics platform and receive real time visibility of your supply chain from from the manufacturer to the customer.

Order Management
Warehouse Management
Multimodal Shipping Management
One logistics platform to control your whole eCommerce supply chain.

Manage your inbound, warehousing, order fulfilment, shipping and parcel track & trace through Floship's Logistics Portal.
1 Click Integration with Shopify Plus, Shopify, BigCommerce & More
1 Click Integration with Amazon, Ebay, Shopee, Lazada & More
1 Click Integration with ERP & WMS & CRM
Floship Logistics Platform powers your order fulfilment through integration with your shopping cart, manages your order fulfilment through integration with your WMS & ERP and provides parcel tracking from warehouse to customer in one unified platform.
Warehouse Facilities in 3 Continents
Single Point of Control For Global Warehouse Locations
Automatically assign the best warehouse to complete the order fulfillment based on your closest to manufacturer or closest to customer supply chain strategy
Automated Shipping Rules
Automated Packaging Optimization
Automated Label Generation
Automated Warehousing Routing
Improve your order fulfilment speed through Floship's proprietary automation rules that execute your order based on preprogrammed courier, warehouse, SKU and order values conditions.
Tailored Packaging To Reduce Volumetric Weight
Custom Sourced Packaging
Based on your product size and SKUs per order, Floship will source custom made packaging (boxes and polybags) to reduce your volumetric weight and shipping cost
Floship's Industry Leading Shipping Validation Algorithm
All orders are validated against Floship's cross border validation and carrier shipping rules to ensure all orders include customs compliant documentation and address validation for successful delivery

DDU & DDP Management
Brexit VAT Management
Country & Regional Specific Customs Management
Centralise the management of your cross border regulations such as , IOR's, currencies, customs, inco terms, DAP, DDP and DDU through the Floship platform

the network

Floship's Global Fulfillment Network

Unlock your optimal global logistics solution by leveraging our fulfillment centres across 3 continents, industry leading order processing SLAs and 50+ regional, national and international first mid and last mile carriers to safely and securely deliver your order into your customers' hands. .

Fulfillment Centres in 3 Continents

50+ Global Carriers Network

Same Day Pick, Pack & Ship

Parcel Track & Trace

Global & Domestic Returns Management

the expertise

Floship's Fulfillment Consultants

Your dedicated fulfillment consultant will manage your everyday operations and scale your fulfillment needs to match your growth.

Grow with confidence knowing warehousing, packaging, pick and pack, customs and duties and shipping needs are monitored and managed daily

Advisement on Cross Border Customs & Duties

Advisement on Closest To Customer or Factory Strategy

Advisement on Optimal Shipping Lane & Carrier

Advisement on Regional & Country Regulation

Transparent Pricing

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