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Online Fulfillment Portal

Automate your cross border fulfillment solution via the Floship online portal. Get real time end to end visibility of your fulfillment chain from the moment an order is made to when the product is delivered to you customer.

Connect To Shopping Cart & Third Party Data Sources
Inventory Management Across Multiple Warehouses
Manage Duties, Taxes and Customs
Carrier Tracking
Streamline your fulfillment process. Manage your orders, inventory, shipments and billing on Floship's online & end to end fulfillment platform
60 EDI Integrations
Real Time Data Flow Between All Your Data Toolkits
Customizable APIs
60 and growing integrations + APIs built and tested to ensure an automated and real time EDI between your shopping cart, fulfillment platform, warehouse management software and other third party data tools.

Streamline the data flow between sales, inventory management and order fulfillment to cut down operational cost and improve your customer service.
Fulfillment Centres in 3 Continents
Single Point of Control For Global Warehouse Locations
Say goodbye to managing disconnected systems across multiple providers, with Floships, you get real time visibility, tracking and management of inventory across our global fulfillment centre network
Data Driven Resource Allocation
Automated Fulfillment Processing
Reduce shipping time and cost.

Split your inventory across our global fulfillment center and through Floship’s proprietary algorithms, automate your order fulfillment processing to ship each order from the 3PL warehouse that is closest to your customer.
24 Hours Pick & Pack
Pick & Pack From Your Shopping Cart Orders
Automate orders, shipments, inventory tracking and stock levels in one place to streamline the picking process

Once an order is placed through your shopping cart, it is assigned to the Floship warehousing picking team at our fulfillment centre.

Our team picker receives a picking list of the items, quantities, and storage locations at the facility to collect the ordered products from their respective locations and packed to meet your brand preferences, minimize shipping cost and ensuring compliance with carrier regulations.
Floship's Industry Leading Shipping Compliance Process
Reduce failed customer deliveries with our best in class fulfillment QA process.

All packed parcels must pass Floship’s stringent 2 step process before they are shipped.

Step 1 is Floship’s cross border validation rules to ensure mandatory fulfillment documentation and data is compliant and completed.

Step 2 is carrier-specific validation rules to ensure mandatory data for delivery into the country are compliant and completed.
DDU & DDP Management
Brexit VAT Management
Country & Regional Specific Customs Management
Centralise the management of your cross border regulations such as , IOR's, currencies, customs, inco terms, DAP, DDP and DDU through the Floship platform

the network

Floship's Global Fulfillment Network

Unlock your optimal fulfillment solution by leveraging our global fulfillment centres across 3 continents, industry leading order processing SLAs and 30+ regional, national and international first mid and last mile carriers to deliver your product into your customers' hands. .

Fulfillment Centres in 3 Continents

30+ Global Carriers Network

24 Hours Pick, Pack & Ship

Parcel Track & Trace

Custom Packaging Service

the expertise

Floship's Fulfillment Consultants

Your dedicated fulfillment consultant will manage your everyday operations and scale your fulfillment needs to match your growth.

Grow with confidence knowing warehousing, packaging, pick and pack, customs and duties and shipping needs are monitored and managed daily

Advisement on Cross Border Customs & Duties

Advisement on Optimal Shipping Lane & Carrier

Advisement on Regional & Country Regulation

Transparent Pricing

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