Global E-Commerce Fulfillment

Global e-Fulfillment Logistics Made Simple

Why Hong Kong?

largest air-freight hub

Hong Kong is the World’s Largest Air-Freight Hub.

What this means for you is the fastest shipping time and the lowest prices for all your international eccommerce shipments.

In today's world there are virtually no borders when you ship with Floship. Logistics professionals agree that Hong Kong is the best choice for staging international fulfillment because Hong Kong offers the lowest shipping costs and generous trade-friendly regulations.

From e-fulfilllment to merchandise delivery, your dream of simple worldwide shipping has arrived.

Foolproof pricing: no hidden fees

Simple Pricing

Tired of nit picking charges that confuse you and catch your business projections unprepared?

With Floship those days are over.

There are only three simple fees when you take advantage of the Floship global ecommerce fulfillment model:

  1. Pick & Pack: Picking is taking an item from inventory | Packing is placing items in a ready-to-ship package for shipment
  2. Storage: Tiered rate that decreases as your shipments increase
  3. Shipping: Dependent on the speed and courier you choose, easy to optimize with recommendations customized to you within the Floship Fulfillment Portal

Your ecommerce business will reach new markets with a Floship solution

E-commerce Business

When your logistics are handled by the best in the business, you can take your newly found peace of mind and focus on other things like taking your ecommerce business to the next level.

The Floship Advantage:

  • Get it done: Western management team with flexibility and can-do startup mentality.
  • Streamline your operation: The only company with easy global fulfillment and cutting edge technology like shopping cart connectors allowing the automation of your fulfillment.
  • Save money: volume discounts - the more you ship, the more you save.

Can you benefit from centralized global fulfillment services? Reserve your free consultation with a Floship logistics specialists and discover a whole new world today.

  • Outsourced fulfillment with no lengthy contracts, no hidden fees. Pay for only what you use and consume.
  • Deliver goods worldwide from Hong Kong, just like how Apple does it.
  • Managed end-to-end delivery.
  • A full suite of courier rates attainable only by the largest enterprises.
  • Discounted bulk rates for crowdfunding fulfillment projects.
  • A total-solution for outsourced international fulfillment to all major markets.