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A Shipment of A Thousand Miles Begins With Tax Visibility

The world’s most comprehensive e-commerce fulfillment & duties solution

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Demystify Duties & Tax Tolls

Integrate accurate real-time duties and tax calculations based on SKU and shopping carts to create a clear view of duties and tax payments for customers and businesses.

With upfront duties & tax calculations & collections, shipping Floship Duties & Tax Solution equips e-commerce sellers with tailored experiences just for their store.

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Clear with Confidence

No more customs delays, package refusals, or surprises. With clear cost visibility up front, customers experience hassle-free shipping like never before.

Floship’s automated label generation feature accelerates orders through customs with ease.

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Powered by Intelligent Technology

The innovative technology behind Floship Duties & Tax is powered by Zonos via the Floship portal. The Floship portal enables sellers to integrate and manage their entire e-commerce business from one platform seamlessly.

With unified visibility over the entire supply chain operations, no matter how complex, merchants gain the insights needed to drive their business growth.

Floship’s portal simplifies, optimizes, and automates supply chain management for a fulfillment experience unlike any other.

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Compliance Complexities, Clarified

Navigating ever-changing regulations can be tough. Floship Duties & Tax Solution automatically keeps up to date of the daily tax, customs, and carrier changes including low-value tax schemes:

  • USA to UK
  • UK to EU
  • EU to USA
  • & more!

Never worry about surprise invoices or duties & tax non-compliance ever again!

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Double Protection, Seamless Reconciliation

Monthly reports and insights make keeping track of duties & tax-chargeable line items effortless. In case of any discrepancies, sellers can rest assured knowing that financial safeguards automatically keep accounts harmonized.

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Accelerating E-commerce Growth

Floship accelerates e-commerce growth through an exclusive partner network to create solutions that give businesses the resources they need to go to the next level.

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Here’s What Our Brands Have to Say


Didn’t have the greatest process or experience with Floship, but once we had our new account manager Nicolia on board our experience she has been amazing. She is the only person we have felt supported by at Floship and she is so on top of everything for us. Really appreciate her dedication to our business!


We moved to Floship about 6 months ago and having worked with 3 other previous fulfillment centers, I can say that Floship has been a game changer. Their WMS is the best I have seen in the industry allowing us to update or altar orders as they come in without the assistance of our account manager. Orders go out daily and they have really added a new level of autonomy to our brand. Not to mention we have had the most helpful account manager on the planet. 10/10 recommend.


We had a good collaboration with Floship. They responded quickly to all our requests and the work was done with good quality. We particularly liked their WMS. It is user-friendly and we could customize it if needed. The only thing we didn’t like was that their processes were too rigid, meaning that it was sometimes difficult to resolve differences. Overall, we liked it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Floship Duties & Tax different from what couriers charge us for DDP orders?

Floship Duties & Tax bases the charge calculation on estimates from guaranteed authorized sources of information, rather than accessing this information from the courier directly.

Is Floship Duties & Tax available to all locations that I can ship from?

Yes, the solution is available for any destination country where duties and taxes are applicable.

I don’t have a VAT/IOSS/EORI number, can I still use Floship Duties & Tax?

Yes, Floship can support a third-party account where applicable and possible without having to apply for any duty & tax account in the destination country.

Will we receive an order-level breakdown of duties & tax charges on invoices for audit purposes and/or if we wish to claim duty drawback?

Unless there is a complete gross error (in which case you may raise a dispute) there is no drawback as it is a guaranteed duties & tax amount. In case the system charges lower than the actual charge, it will not impact you. You will receive a breakdown of all duties, taxes, handling fees, etc. on the reconciliation invoice.

What happens if the total amount charged by the courier is different than what Floship Duties & Tax estimated? Will I be refunded or compensated?

Where actual courier charges are higher than the Floship Duties & Tax estimate, you will only pay the estimate given through Floship Duties & Tax. On the contrary, if you believe Floship has charged higher than the courier, you may raise a dispute and we shall review and provide credit to your account. Note – that all calculations are based on HS codes and product details being provided correctly at the time of placing the order.

What are the charges for using Floship Duties & Tax solution? Does it differ by delivery location or order size?

There is a standardized US$ 2 processing fee per order as well as a 3% charge of the calculated duties and taxes amount (which is based on the source information for the destination country). There are no other charges based on delivery location or order size.

When do I have to pay, is it prepayment, at the time of placing orders, or invoiced monthly?

The charges are invoiced in the same periodic invoicing intervals as other shipping charges.

Will the charges use my usable credit balance in my Floship account?

Yes, if your account terms are based on a pre-paid balance, such charges will use the balance.

Is there any process change required from my side or my Shopify/WooCommerce integration?

No changes are required as this will only be visible on the Floship portal at launch. We will deploy plugins at a later date which will enable you to sync with your shopping carts to display the duties and taxes back to the customer.

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