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Optimize your rates for all your markets when you work with our international fulfillment specialists

We have more international couriers than any other logistics company giving you the best prices for global shipping!


  • Outsourced fulfillment with no lengthy contracts, no hidden fees. Pay for only what you use and consume.
  • Deliver goods worldwide from Hong Kong, just like how Apple does it. We manage end to end delivery.
  • A full suite of courier rates attainable only by the largest enterprises.
  • Discounted bulk rates for crowdfunding fulfillment projects.
  • A total-solution for outsourced international fulfillment to all major markets.

SOUL Holdings Limited

We started working with Floship on our first Kickstarter project, which had over 1,300 customers worldwide […] not only did Floship made it easy for us, it turns out Floship was able to accurately process and ship out all of the goods within 2 days time and 99% of our customers received the goods within 14 days.

Gary So
Director of Marketing, SOUL Holdings Limited