5 Ways Your eCommerce Store Can Build Loyal Customers

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Today’s eCommerce marketplace is many things: crowded, competitive, and difficult. It’s also huge, almost unlimited, and open to anyone who’s willing to approach it in a proper manner.

As an eCommerce store owner, you’re mostly a fish between sharks. Bear with me. Comparing your business with Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress, you’ll understand that even though the ocean is deep, these big sharks are eating a lot of fish.

To break the metaphor, the sharks are the biggest international eCommerce stores, and the fishes are the rest of the small to medium sized eCommerce businesses that are persistently trying to escape the giant’s incredible power.

Why should you pursue customer’s loyalty?

customer loyalty on ecommerce sites
Therefore, assuming that your business hasn’t reached the heights of Amazon and AliExpress, your unique competitive advantage is, simply put, the loyalty of your fans.
If you’re wondering “how so?”, here are three convincing benefits of developing your eCommerce store’s customer’s loyalty:

1 – A loyal customer will take praise after buying your products, will recommend your brand to friends and relatives, and will become a great online supporter of your brand image and reputation. Nevertheless, since word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels, your brand’s value and growth will skyrocket.

2- You save significant marketing costs. Retaining and befriending a customer is much cheaper and way more convenient than acquiring a new one. Make people fall in love with your brand, products, and values, and they’ll become your lifetime assets.

3- Selling new products to an existing customer is simpler, cheaper, and quicker. The person who has bought something from you once, and has felt a pleasant experience before, will be much easier to convince to buy again. Winning a stranger’s trust is often harder.

Let us quickly move on to our strategies. Here are five simple strategies that any eCommerce store owner can implement to attract more loyal customers towards his brand.

1. Offer a unique and valuable customer experience

Customer Experience
Successful eCommerce brands have become so successful because they often deliver unique solutions that customers fall in love with. Whether it’s convenience, quality, status value, or a special and unique product or service, a unique value proposition must be present.

A simple way of saying it – what makes your eCommerce store different than your three fiercest competitors? That includes Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay, and so on.

Moreover, regardless of your store’s size and reach, your existing customers should be treated with much care and observation. To gain their trust, support, and undivided loyalty, you must definitely show them that they’re valued and respected. If you can, show them they’re being worshiped!

How can you show them that?

It starts with the value and quality of your products and services. Start by aiming to provide above average quality products for reasonable prices. Offer free shipping to people who engage with you or who join your e-mail newsletter.

Continue by assessing your communication ways. How often do you talk to your audience? What types of discussions are you having? Do they bond you? Are these conversations targeting your customer’s concerns, curiosity, or problems? Are you engaging enough?

Is the delivery always efficient? Do customers have problems unpackaging the product? Is the copy and color of your packages professional enough? Are you able to personalize the end experience by personalizing the packages?

These are questions that every eCommerce store owner should ask himself. To improve your fans’ loyalty, you must really understand them. Only then will you be able to develop a special connection, a connection that is called reciprocal loyalty.

2. Take your customer support to the next level

Your customer support has one strict goal: improve the customer’s experience by helping the prospect or customer solve problems or satisfy needs. This includes the need for additional knowledge, the need for solving technical issues, and the need for a refund.

The professionalism of your customer support team is severely influencing your company’s reputation and your customer’s loyalty. Ensure that you hire the right people, that you assign the smartest protocols, and that you’re live 24/7. Your customers can’t wait, and they can’t solve their problems on their own. Show them care, and they’ll give you love.

3. Develop an exceptional social media presence

Social Media Engagement
As an eCommerce business, social media is your most powerful ally. Instead of trying to sell your products on social channels, use these highly populated platforms to find and connect with your target audience.

Create brand profiles on the social networks that your target audience’s mostly interested in and spread your wings by sharing and promoting exceptional content, great designs, and awesome promotions. Engage with your audience at the same time and show them you’re present by replying to their comments and feedback on a consistent basis.

4. Leverage influencers to improve your brand’s awareness and reputation

Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is a brilliant strategy that you may leverage to improve your customer’s trust and loyalty.

“People buy from people they trust. If you can find a well-known life model that is willing to vouch for your brand, you’ve got yourself a key to many people’s hearts.” – Twitter Quote

It’s as simple as that. Most people respect the ideas and opinions of other people that they respect. By connecting your products with a niche influencer that is well-known and respected among your target customers, you will attract the attention and faith of a lot of prospects.

5. Offer genuine gratitude

Show appreciation to customers
As an eCommerce store owner, you should show your fans that you’re grateful for your relationship and they’ll pay they respects by continuously supporting your brand throughout time.

If you’re collecting data such as birthdate of the customer, the date of the first purchase, the number of products he bought, and so on, you can reward him with special bonuses on a regular basis. That’s how you’d be showing your appreciating for the continuous support and trust that your fans are giving you.

Also, there’s no harm in sending a happy birthday, a warm random thank-you note with a personalized coupon, or a pleasant opportunity to attend live sessions or webinars that allow questions and open talk about your store, products, and your customer’s experience.


Improving your customer’s loyalty starts with better practices, smarter work, and a strong drive to provide abundant value to all your customers. Take advantage of our strategies and take your brand customer’s loyalty to the next level!

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