7 Reasons for Entrepreneurs to Invest in Security

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A wave of computerized technology is slowly but certainly overwhelming the business sector. Businesses both mushrooming and grown require a full proof security system to safeguard it from the ever-looming danger of hackers. The reasons for needing a safe system are teeming. The security threats are mostly brought forward by the growth of digital channels, considering these entrepreneurs need to up their game in setting up secure sites. 

Website Security

A study shows that more than 50000 websites get hacked each day. It’s a heart throbbing fact but hey, a fact is a fact! another shocking revelation is that 43% of cybercrimes are against SMEs. the “they have bigger fish to fry” mentality that small businesses have should be nonexistent in this world we are living. Slightly above a report said,54% of all companies globally lament they have experienced a cyber-hit annually. The statistics are shocking enough, and hackers won’t stop; hacking unless stringent measures are implemented to counter this. 
There is a simple answer to website security naming SSL certificate. SSL Certificates binds the information that travels between the user’s browser and the server. It ensures secure connections from a web server to browser. Reasons that necessitate this are over whelming as a websites security integrity squarely lies in an SSL certification. It goes a long way from securing it from identity thieves and data sniffing. 
Diversified types of SSL certificate out there in the market and enterprise should choose according to website’s security demand. One of them useful SSL certificates is Wildcard SSL certificate. If you have first level of subdomains of a primary domain then this certificate is an ideal. For example, *.domain.com will secure mail.domain.com, blog.domain.com, etc.
Coming to the point of security for entrepreneurs, we have listed below some reasons to invest in security for entrepreneurs:

Protection of sensitive information

Business databases bear classified and sensitive data that if obliviously handled can land in the wrong hands and from there things could only go south. For instance, in the healthcare sector, a patients’ data once illegally obtained can be detrimental to one’s reputation especially when leaked to social media for all to see. It could potentially pose social related disorders and stigma.

Establishing a strong customer base

Trust is like glass, once broken it cannot be mended. The same principal applies to a company’s security system. A client will trust their information with a company, rendering it paramount for a business to safeguard the information. The 2017 Unisys security index (global) unearthed that cyber security systems are perceived more dangerous than terrorism. Moreover, it’s been ascertained that businesses globally lose $400 billion annually owing to hacking.

Small businesses are also prone

Majority of illegal hackers anticipate small business sites have a jarful of loopholes. This because small business owners are thought to be lazy and less concerned with putting up a secure security system. A study showed that most SME owners cut investments on cyber security by 20 percent. Sadly, most hackers are accurate as reveled in a study that 64 percent increase in SME breaches between 2013 and 2014. So, the size of the business doesn’t really matter to hackers.

Little crumbs can act as a sugar cluster

When starting from scratch, you sign for a whole bunch of online services, emails, bank accounts etc. These little crumbs will act as a map leading cyber security bugs at close quarters. Thus, putting up a secure system will shield your business from unforeseen danger.

Business contacts are also in eminent danger

If your online contacts are also in contact with bigger companies often this lays forward a perfect chance for hackers to access juicier data and prospects. That fact alone is reason enough to prompt one to invest a hand and a leg in the security integrity of the business. Regardless, consequences are enormous.

Internet connection has loopholes

The inattentive manner with which small businesses treat their internet connection is especially liked by hackers who take full advantage of this to steal data from unsuspecting insecure Wi-Fi users. This breach could easily occur even by hacking into a staff members phone. Heavy investments in a secure system goes without say.

Maintaining a professional appearance

Simply having a CCTV camera surveillance manning your premise sparks a beam of confidence in your security. Having big brother watch over your business builds a good rapport between you and your clients and going an extra mile in them trusting you with their details.


Businesses cannot succeed if they do not have strong online presence or some online business platform. It will increase thus number of online business presence and they might be prone to cyber attack with the rising trend of cyber criminals. So, this is the time to tight your business security without delaying it.

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