Aftership Is Bound To Make An Impact In Your Business: Easy Fulfillment Tracking

Eric Pong

Ensuring customers receive tracking numbers for their packages is one of the most important things an online retailer can provide their users:

Order tracking numbers minimize customer service calls and keep customers happy.

With the complexity of fulfillment, there are many options to choose from to ensure your customers’ get their tracking numbers.
Some options are better than others and that’s why we’re big fans of Aftership.
Let’s look at the most popularly known options, including Aftership.

Tracking via Courier System

Online retailers that do their own fulfillment and print their own labels through a courier system can usually have the couriers’ system email the tracking directly to their customers.
Pros: Looks professional coming from a major company like FedEx.
Cons: Passes the touch point and the customer relationship to a 3rd party.

Tracking from the Shopping Cart or 3rd Party OMS, ERP, etc.

Shopping carts will almost all have the ability to send tracking numbers to customers. The level of detail varies depending on the system used.
Pros: Communication comes from the shopping cart or system
Cons: Track and trace links often malfunction

3rd Party Track and Trace: Aftership

Aftership offers a consolidated post-shipping track and trace system that integrates into all of the popular shopping carts, some examples include:

It takes only three simple steps for your customers to manually find out about the status of their orders:


Go to Aftership’s Courier Page


Choose the courier associated with your Tracking Number


Input your Tracking Number into the field, click Track, and the information about your package will be available
Aftership can auto-detect the courier based on the tracking number format.
Not only does it send once, but you can send emails for major milestones such as:

  • When the package has left the Hub
  • When the package is Out for Delivery

Thus, with Aftership, your customers automatically remain updated about the status of their package.
Most important, the notification send from address is the merchant, so that customers are not lost to a 3rd party.

Aftership allows you to customize your notification and milestone emails with HTML. This is one of the most underrated features because it provides retailers an extra touch point to increase conversions and cross sales opportunities.

Two Methods to Send Floship Fulfillments to Aftership:

1. Floship-Aftership Connector

You can find the Floship-Aftership connector on the Aftership app store.

The connector is the best choice when you have:

A. Many Floship shipments that are not found in your shopping cart system, such as a wholesale order.

B. Complicated couriers that make auto-detecting within your shopping cart unreliable.

Find out how to Automate your Aftership Order Fulfillment process with the Aftership + Floship Integration here!

2. Indirect Chaining of Connectors

You can chain connectors, a few examples follow:

A. Floship to Shopify Connector

B. Shopify to Aftership Connnector

This is an indirect method and works if you have a simple configuration, but chaining connectors are generally not recommended unless there is some complexity in which this would be the best solution in your setup.


There are many ways to generate tracking numbers for customers. Each method has it’s pros and cons.
Aftership remains our go-to tracking number generator for its ease of use and multiple shopping cart integrations.

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