Three Reasons to Consider Using Bitcoin for Your Ecommerce Business

Eric Pong
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Your business should connect to the bitcoin economy to earn more money and get more attention. There are several reasons why it’s a no-brainer to use bitcoin regardless of what kind of business you run.
Bitcoin has already gone from a per-token value of a few dollars to more than $6,000 in less than a decade. The future is bright for bitcoin enabled businesses, so why wait to get involved?

Here are three reasons to consider using bitcoin for your business:

1. The Smartest Entrepreneurs in the World are Getting Into Bitcoin

You don’t need to be a radical futurist to get into bitcoin. Many established companies and famous entrepreneurs are already on board.
For starters, the world’s largest e-commerce platform already has bitcoin widgets built into their system. Shopify has been bitcoin-friendly ever since 2014.

If you use Shopify for your business, you are only a few clicks from accepting bitcoin.

Famous billionaire investor and PayPal founder Peter Thiel stated in a 2017 interview that he thinks bitcoin is one of the world’s most exciting technologies.
Thiel compared Bitcoin to gold, citing that bitcoin’s market capitalization is undervalued compared to the current 7 trillion USD global gold market:

2. Bitcoin is Easy to Keep Track of and Pay Taxes For

In the earliest days of bitcoin there were some concerns about how to pay taxes on bitcoin. People worried that governments around the world might crack down on bitcoin users, but this has not happened.

In the case of America, the IRS has issued simple tax guidelines for bitcoin.

You can use a service such as the regulator-friendly Coinbase to cash out your bitcoins into American dollars on a weekly or even daily basis, putting aside the normal amount for taxes.
The days of bitcoin as a “wild west” currency are now over. It is easy to keep track and pay taxes on your bitcoin so that you can stay in the good graces of your local government.

3. Bitcoin Holders Have Become Wealthy

Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in value has made a lot of previously marginalized people very wealthy. Bitcoin’s “true believers” in the early days could purchase thousands of tokens at absurdly cheap prices.
Bitcoin Holders Have Become Wealthy
Now that bitcoin has risen to a steady value of more than $10,000, there are a lot of wealthy folks looking to spend bitcoin.
When you start accepting bitcoin, you open yourself up to an awesome market of people with plenty of cash to spend.
Why not tap into this powerful new part of the digital economy?

Get Started With Bitcoin Today

The best time to get involved in bitcoin was yesterday. The second-best time is now. Don’t be the person who is kicking yourself in a few years for not getting into the bitcoin economy sooner.
You can use simple tools to start accepting bitcoin for your business today. It’s a great way to get more attention and money for your business.

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