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There’s a lot of options for segmenting your email marketing communications. You can get right down to the customers you need to target, and give them exactly what they need.

When you’re working in ecommerce, you need to be able to send emails that keep customers coming back, and encourage them to share your business with their friends.

Here’s 9 steps you can take to boost your business with good email communications.

1. Use Tools to Help You Get Your E-commerce Email Marketing Right

If you’re just starting out with a crowdfunded idea, or you’re a new seller in the market place, then you’ll need help getting word out there about your product.
The best thing to do is to use tools to help you get it right. For example, Get Response will help you create email campaigns amongst other marketing options, and CakeMail offers email templates that you can use, to make your emails look more professional.
Find tools that will help you early on, and you can make the marketing process a lot easier. You may have to test a few different tools out, but you’ll find something that works for you.

2 Give Incentives for Customers to Review Your Product

Once a customer has bought from you, a well timed email can help them decide to review their order, in turn encouraging others to buy from you. You’ll already know that customer reviews are a great strategy in encouraging buyers, so you want to ensure you’re getting as many as possible.

The way to do this is to send an email after they’ve made a purchase, and ask them if they want to leave a review. Give them incentives for doing so, such as a discount on a future order, or an extra on their purchase when it’s ready.
Customers are often happy to leave a review if they’ll get something for doing so.

3. Automate Your E-commerce Emails

If you haven’t already automated your emails, now’s the time to do so.

You’ll find that automation will save you a huge amount of time and effort when it comes to talking to your customers. It’ll also help you target different segments of your customer base, so you can personalise your emails.

The best way to do this is to find a service that can help you with the automation. Look for a service like iContact or one of the newer players on the scene Drip which can offer templates for emails and send them out on a schedule.

4. Use Emails to Reactivate Your Dormant Customers

You’ll have plenty of customers that have bought from you, and still follow you, but haven’t bought anything since. Emails can be used to entice them back and make them become regular, active customers again, email marketing professional often call this a nurture sequence.
Sending customers limited time deals can be the best way to bring them back, much like the tip above. Send an offer that they can’t resist, and watch them come back.

5. Edit and Proofread

No matter what you’re writing, or how you’re sending it, you’ve got to edit and proofread before you send it off. When you don’t, a simple but embarrassing error could make it through. If your customers see it, it can hurt your reputation or your sales.
If you proofread and edit every email before it goes out, you can be sure that they’ll be the best quality to improve sales for your e-commerce store. You can sse tools and services to help you.
Services, not often thought of, like Big Assignments can be used for editing, and Academized for proofreading. Yes, what ecommerce merchants have thought of leveraging seemingly academic services to improve their sales? Well, it works, use it to your advantage.

6. Get Your Facts Right

The best emails are ones that are believable and correct. If you’re sending out misinformation, it can show that you’re sloppy and not interested in checking your facts. Make sure you’re putting time aside to check your emails before you send them.
For example, if you use sources in your writing, site them correctly to ensure that you’re using the right sources in your writing–it also helps your store to position yourself as an authority, find writing guides that can help you create effective emails.

7. Create a Marketing Calendar

email marketing tools calendar
Many email writers don’t deal with seasonal marketing campaigns because it’s too late. That means the campaigns aren’t as effective as they could be, losing you money. The best thing to do is to create a calendar that you can use to track where your campaigns need to go.
Draw up the calendar, and see where you’ll need to start sending out campaigns. Then, you’ll be able to plan ahead and create campaigns well before they’re needed. This can help you send more effective emails as they’ll be better than ever.
Email services like Mailchimp allow you to schedule your marketing emails ahead of time so, if you are on holiday during a seasonal marketing opportunity then you can leverage the power of email automation and still ring your virtual cash register.

8. Make Transactional Emails Count

When a customer buys from you, you’ll need to send an email to confirm to them what they’ve bought. If you’re going to send this, you should take advantage of this opportunity to really connect with your customer.
You can use the transactional email to ask readers to share their purchase on social media, which is especially useful if you’re running a crowdfunded campaign and need the exposure.
As well as this, you can send customers deals, vouchers, and information about new lines and product. The bottom line is to think up way to keep your customers engaged.

9. Write for Your Customers

It sounds obvious, but you’ve got to remember that you’re writing for real people.
To ensure that your emails will be easy to read, and convey your message clearly–keep it short and to the point, and use bullet points to condense information down.

These nine points will help you write the best marketing emails possible, and get more customers coming in. Give them a try and see for yourself.

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