Skyrocket Your eCommerce Conversion Rate This Holiday Season [2016]

Eric Pong

The holiday season is just around the corner and this is the biggest and most valuable time of the year for your eCommerce company — get your ecommerce conversion rate tuned up for increased sales.

Every year online orders are rising as customers seek to take advantage of online shopping benefits.

This is great news for those eCommerce companies that have high converting websites and get customers regularly coming through their virtual doors.
For those without a good marketing strategy or website however, this can be a very frustrating time, so how can you increase your eCommerce conversion rate in time for the holiday season?

Here are some of the best tips for you to implement right now:

1. Dial Up Your Website’s Speed

For every second your website takes to load, you’ll lose 7% of your online revenue. This could be a significant proportion of your website’s income. GTMetrix states that the average website speed is just over 7 seconds and so many companies are losing about 49% of their online revenue.
Your website’s speed is dependent on numerous elements. The biggest culprit is images. Try optimizing your images using programs like RIOT or Paint.NET. Then check your website is cache enabled and has optimized coding.
Finally, you might need to move to a better server. If you are on a shared server you are likely to suffer from significant speed problems. Try moving to a VPS or a dedicated server (if sales permit) as either of these will improve results considerably.

2. Personalize Your Content

Don’t send impersonal content to your current customers and leads.
This is not going to engage them when so many companies are using first names to establish a personal connection. At the very least you should be doing the same and addressing the receiving by their given name.
On top of this you should be looking to customize your marketing content so it is more relevant to the recipient. Don’t be sending offers, promotions and product information to customers and leads that have no interest in it.
For instance, sending baby products to a client that has only ever bought teenage clothes is pointless as it is doubtful they have a baby. This may mean expanding your content generation, but the results will be much better.

3. Promotion Drive eCommerce Traffic [Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce]

Everyone loves the holiday season for many reasons and one of those is because it is full of discounts. It is likely that your competitors will be offering their own deals at this time of year. Whatever those deals are, you’ve got to make yours more enticing. This doesn’t mean offering your customers greater discounts.

Research has shown that price is irrelevant when it comes to repeat customers as they prefer quality of product and service.

online business and their ecommerce conversion rate for holiday season 2017
For even more tips on optimizing your ecommerce conversion rate, check out The Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

What you might need to offer them is free shipping on specific days or on lower order quantities for a certain period.
Alternatively you could offer free trial products with purchases over a certain amount, something that encourages customers to spend more at the time because you are adding urgency to the deal (there is a time limit to receive the promotion).

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4. Improve Your E-commerce Purchasing Path

Don’t give your e-commerce customers chance to abandon their shopping carts.
The more complicated you make your online purchasing process, hiding shipping costs and not including offer discounts in the basket all contribute to a high cart abandon rate.
By simplifying your purchasing path and making the transaction and prices transparent, customers will have faith in buying from you and therefore you will have smaller abandon rates.

5. Re-engage Those That Do Abandon Their Shopping Carts

You will always have people abandon their carts on your website:
Sometimes life just interrupts their purchasing. Yet this doesn’t mean that you can’t sell to them.
What you can do is to re-engage them by sending them a specific email a couple of hours later reminding them of the items they were going to purchase and perhaps offer them a one-time offer like free shipping if they complete the order in the next 12 hours.
A good example of how this is done is via Amazon. Put something in your basket on Amazon or look at a product for a long period of time and you will see an email about that product in your inbox within a couple of days.

Conclusion: eCommerce Conversion Rate

Achieving greater conversion rates with your e-commerce business is about creating offers with greater sense of urgency while improving the speed of your website and simplifying your transaction process.
All of these will help improve your conversion rates for a happy holiday season.

  • How are your holiday season preparations coming along?
  • What marketing content do you have already?


Take Action and Up Your Conversion Rate:

  • Install software to create personal email messages.
  • Speed up your website.
  • Optimize your website’s images.

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