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China wasn’t always the economic and political giant it is today. They got to their current point with nothing but good organization and outstanding determination.
From 1989 to this year, China has averaged an amazing 9.58% in GDP Annual Growth Rate. In recent years, this rise has become even more astonishing, and it’s all thanks to China’s digital empire.
The Chinese are on their phones all the time, largely due to the suitable digital environment that is prevalent in the country. In this article, we will demonstrate 10 facts about the Chinese digital empire. After hearing them, you will understand the complexity of China’s growth.

1 – IWOM has helped many brands become esteemed

In China, consumers have a habit of doing significant research before making their actual purchase.
To improve their appearance, many brands have started to hire essay writers to put up better product descriptions, especially when it comes to using English. It’s all about improving the image of a brand within internet circles.
While doing research. Chinese buyers tend to rely on IWOM (Internet Word of Mouth) recommendations.
Websites for reviews, exchanging advice and discussing brands are abundant. Through their digital empire, the Chinese have managed to create a network where buyers depend on one another.

2 – Visual appeal is important

One reason why the Chinese digital empire is always expanding is the preference is communication.
In both real life and advertising, there is an emphasis on visual forms and interaction. For this reason, brands can easily grow in China if they invest in creating an effective and memorable visual image.
Live streaming has been used by many brands to appeal to their audience. In total, 100 million people watch a live video at least once a month.

3 – TV and smartphone are still balanced

Every digital empire is judged on its potential to grow. This growth depends on individual components and participators in an economy.
Even though China is the world’s most populous country, mobile advertising is still a new niche of marketing as a whole. Therefore, it has unlimited potential. But why?
Mobile advertising only surpassed TV ads by percentage in 2015, according to one research by J. Walter Thompson China. There is a bigger margin for error when advertising in China.

4 – eCommerce is popular

China is a big country, and many domestic and foreign brands find it difficult to spread everywhere. No matter how many physical stores they open, brands won’t get to supply everyone interested.
To overtake domestic marketing, many Chinese companies have begun using eCommerce platforms to sell their products very early.
Magento, WooCommerce and other platforms are very popular. They allow everyone to make his or her eCommerce website. Online purchasing has become a norm, connecting everyone to the network of the great Chinese digital empire. Even common shopping is done via apps.

5 – WeChat is a prominent means of marketing

One thing that surprises many westerners is that Chinese apps do so much more than their primary purpose. WeChat is one great example. It started as a personal communication app, but it has seen advertising take over.
By sending dedicated and personalized content, companies can reach their large audience via single WeChat messages. This is just one of China’s many “hybrid apps,” creating a digital empire to behold. WeChat recently grew and made China’s digital network even more impressive.

6 – It’s easy to make an eCommerce shop

WeChat has strived to become an even more versatile enterprise. They succeeded this with the addition of the shop option, as well as integrating a personal digital wallet into the app.
Examples like this have put China at the forefront of digital development. Because they tend to fuse different functions, Chinese developers have shown us glimpses of the future.
“When we started advertising in China, we were surprised by the convenience of software,” says William O’Leary from AssignmentGeek. “With one app personalizing everything and having multiple functions, we were able to run campaigns easily.”

7 – Long commutes result in mobile popularity

According to data from the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), China has an estimated 800 million internet users. What’s even more surprising is that 98% of them browse on smartphone devices on a daily basis.
The always portable content on mobiles is the major cause of China’s digital empire growing so fast. But what’s the cause of this increases mobile use?
China is a big country, and due to differing economic climates, many people commute long hours on a daily basis. In trains, they spend time on their mobile devices almost always.

8 – Brands don’t hesitate to get involved together

As we’ve already mentioned, China’s digital empire is so strong because lots of citizens rely on online shopping. Brands are ready to adapt to this, so they invest any effort necessary for achieving growth.
Using AliExpress, TaoBao and other eCommerce platforms, brands join forces in special discount periods, promotions and other festivities.
In an effort to improve their individual success, brands unite their efforts and give even more strength to the eCommerce shopping sector. It’s a self-sustainable method of growth.

9 – Weibo rules the communication sector

Everything depends on mobile in China, so it’s no surprise that Weibo sees 93% of its traffic happen on mobile devices. This is no small detail, as Weibo is China’s most popular social network, it has more than 400 million users, with the number steadily rising.
People share video on the platform and engage in meaningful discussions about a wide range of topics.
Weibo is a centralized form of social network and the luxury of having its own version of Twitter, China has shown to be a true digital empire.

10 – Due to competition, ad prices are lower

Social networks and websites don’t charge a lot for advertising in China. Because most sites and platforms are exclusive to the territory and not many people abroad use them, brands focus their advertising.
Due to the competition being hectic at times, prices are steadily going down. It’s easy to get your voice heard on the Chinese market.
With this parity in force, we see a lot of independent eCommerce retailers becoming renowned with minimal initial investments.
Analytics, ideas and well-executed plans are all that you need in this case. Because the focus isn’t merely on funds, anyone can succeed and become a part of China’s growing digital empire.

Concluding thoughts

China is a country unique in so many ways, but especially due to its digitalization. Its citizens are constantly connected and have since developed new channels of communication and doing business. Many of the trends we see in China today will only reach the western world in the near future.

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