How Mid-Market Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from Online Learning

Eric Pong
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In 2019, online sales worldwide amounted to 3.53 trillion US dollars, and the number is predicted to become twice as high by 2022. Ecommerce has taken an honorable place in people’s lives. The ongoing pandemics put humankind into a troublesome position, while ecommerce helped to overcome this with decency. 
Yes, ecommerce has proven extremely efficient in the circumstances of the world crisis. However, the humans themselves, lazy as they are, have given it their trust a long time ago. Shopping from the comfort of your cozy room, delivery to your door, and an array of offers to choose from can’t be more appealing.
But it creates a huge competition. And a lot of challenges for mid-market ecommerce entrepreneurs.
In a world, where the circumstances change faster than you manage to finish your coffee, where the amount of information doubles every several hours, where your competitors are constantly breathing down your neck, it’s crucial to be up to speed. E-learning can help online business owners to keep up with the pace and make the most of their time.
The advantages of online education are numerous; however, here are a few that help mid-market ecommerce business owners have a competitive edge.

Mobility and Flexibility

For an ecommerce entrepreneur, immersed in the development of their business, staying on the move, and having a flexible schedule is a matter of life and death. Often having no more than 15-20 minutes of free time per day, it’s essential to make good use of it. 
Unlike traditional classroom education when you have to vacate a fixed period of time for lectures and tests, e-learning allows studying anywhere and anytime. Even if you have just five minutes. You can cut the course into small digestible bits of information and take it at your own pace. And come back to the same materials once again – to consolidate the knowledge, if you will. And next time waiting for a potential customer to join the skype conference, you may use this time for your personal advancement.

Staying in Trend

If you are not progressing, you are degrading, says the law of nature. New trends, influence methods, technology innovations, algorithms, you name it, appear every day. To be a successful ecommerce entrepreneur, it is of critical importance to be one step ahead of your competitors. Otherwise, tomorrow you may find your website lagging behind at the end of Google search.
Locked and loaded with e-learning courses and materials, you can stay up to date about the latest trends and innovations. What content is the most attractive for a modern customer? How do people buy? What tech helps to sell more? What new algorithms are now effective? 
With online learning, there doesn’t have to be one major anymore. You can get knowledge and ideas from various fields and use them for expanding your business.

Better Choice of Employees

Folk wisdom insists that if you want to do something well, you should do it yourself. Although delegating is, by all means, a beneficial skill, there is an element of truth in this saying. Being aware of the main trends and practices in the fields you deal with, you know what you should expect from an employee or an outsourcer you hire. And how to explain the task simply and explicitly. You don’t have to tackle every task yourself, but it wouldn’t be odd to know how to tell the best from the average.

Faster Progress

Due to high competition, every course creator tries to make their product as effective as possible. Unlike traditional studies, where students have to complete numerous tasks that often have no practical value, e-learning is focused on the result. Real-life skills and relevant knowledge are the main goals. Within a reasonable time-frame, course attendants can focus on what is really important for them. And skip everything else.
Traditionally, online courses have a well-defined studying plan and various assessment methods. By obeying a clear structure and staying informed about your achievements, you can always adjust your learning techniques to get better results. 
Additionally, tech innovations bring more excitement to the learning process. Visual examples, online discussions with other fellow learners, VR-training are everything that helps overwhelmed with information business owners study with fun. When our brain enjoys the process, it learns faster after all.

Building a Network 

The best about online education is its global prevalence. People from every walks of life and every corner of the world can become your studying partners. Through forums, group chats, or social media channels you can get into discussion or disputes with people of different ages, hobbies, and life experiences. They may be your current or potential clients. Or your future partners or employees. They may be experts to recommend your products. Or give you a leg-up in the times of your business needs.
Regardless of the purpose, online education can give the upper-hand in building a vast network of useful contacts among different cultures on all 5 continents. For ecommerce entrepreneurs, it would mean more publicity and better sales.
“He needed help writing personal statement. A few years after, he became head of my marketing department.” Eric Melbourne met his future employee in the online psychology course. And, as a year-ago graduate, he gave him a hand. It turned into fruitful cooperation in the future. 
But this is a different story.

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