Top 9 Live Chat Software To Help Your eCommerce Business Boost Sales

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Top 9 Live Chat Software To Help Your eCommerce Business Boost Sales - Floship

Live chat has become the fastest-growing support option in eCommerce, triggering an ever-increasing development of new eCommerce live chat tools. Now, even though it may seem like a support paradise, we’re aware that this growth has put huge pressure on support agents and managers. Not only do you have to get informed and look carefully for the right solution, but you’re also expected to implement it fast. You don’t want to slow down your customer support more than necessary, right? So, to help you avoid wasting time on testing and analyzing every seemingly decent solution in the market, we’re here with a number of tested live chat tools whose simplicity, flexibility, and automation potential make them stand out from the competition. Let’s explore some of the top 9 live chat software to help your ecommerce business boost sales and zero-in the best for your online website.

The Top 9 Live Chat Software To Help Your eCommerce Business Boost Sales!

The moment you’ll search “best live chat software solution” in the search engine, you’ll come across various sites that will give you a bunch of options available in the market. And even in that list, you’ll find it difficult to select one that meets your expectations.
The list below will help you narrow down your options and the reasons for ‘why’ should you choose one. So’ let’s dive in!

1. ProProfs Live Chat

Customer support solution Pro Profs
ProProfs Live Chat, a SaaS-based customer support solution, is known for helping its users provide instant support to website visitors. With the option to integrate the tool with third-party platforms, you get the option to create your own customer support suite. What’s more, it is loaded with awesome features that help you understand visitor intent and customer pain points. And, they do not stop there. 
With 50+ integration options, ProProfs Chat gives you the opportunity to create your own support and sales bundle. That means, no more do you have to shift between different windows to get access to the data stored. Seamless integration makes your work simple.

What makes ProProfs Chat a top live chat software to help your ecommerce business boost sales

Simply put, ProProfs Live Chat makes your business blossom by flawlessly personalizing your customers’ experience and offering a full-package automation-friendly support suite that saves your agents’ time. 
Now, let’s check some of the essential features that make this possible.
Apart from being incredibly easy to install and set up, ProProfs Live Chat is a software that facilitates your interaction with customers in diverse ways. Some of the most popular and useful options that you can rely on are:
1. Highly customizable and flexible live chat windows
You can add your logo or agent’s image, choose from ready-made color themes, or create one that matches your website. You can even change the way your chat template looks on each page of your website.
2. Automated chat greetings and canned responses
These features make it possible for you to communicate proactively and efficiently. On the one hand, with automated chat greetings, you can initiate the conversation to check if your website visitors need help. On the other hand, you can speed up your communication using reply templates for common questions.
3. Visitor and operator monitoring
On the one hand, you get to track the way your visitors use your website (their landing pages, further browsing, browsing time, etc.) and understand their behavior. On the other hand, you also get a chance of tracking your live chat operators’ performance, getting valuable information on the number of sessions that they’ve handled or missed, their active hours, session durations, etc.  
4. A set of additional handy tools that help your agents handle the session timely and efficiently
 -Manual or automated chat routing, as well as chat transfer and escalation features;
-File transfer tool that supports different types of media, including images, documents, etc.
-More than 50 integration options that help you enhance your support with a high-quality knowledge base, help desk, and other amazing solutions;
-Mobile support feature based on the use of the ProProfs Live Chat mobile app;
-Internal chat sessions between operators, etc. 


-a forever free plan, which is ideal for startups and small businesses 
-$20/month/user for the premium package

2. LiveChat Inc

Customer support solution Live Chat
LiveChat Inc is another convenient live chat provider that claims to help capture qualified leads more efficiently, take your customer engagement to the next level, and organizes your customers’ information hassle-free. With such benefits, it is one of the safest solutions that help your business build a personalized customer experience every time.

What makes LiveChat Inc a perfect candidate for the best live chat software for eCommerce?

1. Real-time engagement monitoring

This feature comes with the option of reviewing chat transcripts to stay on top of all chat sessions. 

2. Surveys that simplify customers’ feedback collection
With these in-app surveys (that you can easily send during a chat session), you can effortlessly get your customers’ feedback on any aspect of your relationship.
3. Contact management feature
With this feature, you can be certain that you have stored the contact info for all of your leads so that you can easily get in touch with them when you need to. This feature increases your proactivity and time-efficiency. 


-$16 per month if billed annually
-$19 per month if billed monthly

3. Zendesk Chat

Customer Support Solution ZenDesk
Initially known as Zopim Chat, Zendesk Chat is another reliable name in the customer support industry that stands out owing to its easy installation and setup as well as some useful real-time tracking and monitoring options. 

What makes Zendesk Chat a perfect candidate for the best live chat software for eCommerce? 

1. Pre-chat and offline forms
These allow you to shorten the duration of your live chat session by collecting some pieces of information before or after the session. They also make it possible for website visitors to leave you a message if your support staff is not available at the moment. 
2. Visitor list
This helps your operators stay on top of your visitors’ activities on your website. This feature shows you how your visitors react to different types of content and notifies you to get in touch with those who seem like they may need your help.
3. Chat ratings
Figure out your visitors’ impressions on their live chat session experience as well as their feedback on different aspects of your website, products, or services. 
This particular feature helps you automate simple processes when providing support and facilitate your agents’ work routine. 

PRICE: from $14/month 


4. Olark

Customer Support Solution Olark
Offering a diversity of awesome premade chat window templates, just like ProProfs Live Chat, Olark provides an easy way of setting up your live chat window instantly. Besides, it’s well-known for its monitoring options which help your agents keep track of your customers’ experience at all times.

What makes Olark a perfect candidate for the best live chat software for eCommerce?

1. Advanced visual options for your live chat window, which include adding your logo, brand, and agent’s name. 
2. Offline forms, to stay on top of customers’ requests when your support is not available.
3. Transcript archive, that makes it possible for you to access all your chat sessions whenever you need to.
4. Simple software integrations, which let you enhance your support system with numerous other support and sales tools and plugins. 
5. Tracking and monitoring features that help you understand your website visitors’ behavior.

PRICE: from $17 per month


5. Drift

Customer Support Solution Drift
Drift is another convenient eCommerce live chat software option if you need a reliable support system to increase the efficiency of your support management. Not only can it automate different support processes with the use of chatbots, but it can also effortlessly escalate chat sessions to speed up the communication. Besides, letting the operators take private notes and store them in the customers’ database, Drift helps keep track of customers’ opinions and preferences. 

What makes Drift a perfect candidate for the best live chat software for eCommerce?

1. Different ways of getting in touch with customers, including in-app messaging, slider and away messages, email follow-up, mentions, etc.
2. Advanced options for increased communication management efficiency, including chat transfer, custom conversation tags, chat filtering, pre-made replies,  chatbots, etc.
3. Advanced message redirecting system that includes a chat transfer tool as well as a conversation routing system.
4. Features that help attract customers easily, including a multi-language widget and custom triggers.

PRICE: from $50 per month


6. Kayako

Customer Support Solution Kayako
Considered one of the leading eCommerce live chat tools, Kayako provides a set of essential features that help achieve high-quality support for customers. No matter whether you’re running a startup or a big company with an established market reputation, Kayako can be easily adapted to your business needs.

What makes Kayako a perfect candidate for the best live chat software for eCommerce?

1. Advanced customization options that let you fully adapt your chat window to your website, add custom fields and adjust ticket forms to your business needs. 
2. Useful automation possibilities that include real-time notifications, chat escalations, and ticket routing automation. 
3. A mobile-friendly interface that lets you use Kayako both in your office and on the go.
4. Social media integrations that let you increase support efficiency by letting you be more available for your customers’ requests on social media.
5. A proactive messaging system that lets you reach out to customers whenever there’s a need for it.

PRICE: from $15 per month



Customer Support Solution Acquire
Claiming to provide business teams with impeccable digital tools for customer support management, Acquire eCommerce live chat software is a convenient solution for medium and large businesses. It’s a flexible solution that helps provide more personalized support services and increase conversion rates by providing instant support. 

What makes Acquire a perfect candidate for the best live chat software for eCommerce?

1. Co-browsing which lets you provide direct help to your customers on your website and interact with their screen with their permission. 
2. Different ways of communication including not only text messages but also video chat and voice calls. 
3. Advanced analytics system that helps you realize the efficiency of your agents and the quality of their live chat sessions.
4. Instant sharing system that lets your agents send and receive different types of documents within the same chat window.

PRICE: from $25 per month 


8. Comm100

Customer Support Solution Comm100
Promising flexible, powerful and secure live chat software for eCommerce business, Comm100 comes with an impeccably developed interface that supercharges both agents and customers’ experience. Well-known as an affordable support solution, this software, just like ProProfs Live Chat, provides great value for the money invested.

What makes Comm100 a perfect candidate for the best live chat software for eCommerce?

1. Ready-made response templates that speed up the interaction and increase agents’ efficiency.
2. Automated chat routing system that makes it easier to connect a concerned customer with the department in charge. 
3. Proactive initiation of live chat sessions that lets your agents address your customers’ pain points even before they reach out to your business. 
4. An incredibly adjustable configuration that helps you create your ideal chat window from scratch. 
5. An impeccable system of monitoring and analytics tools that let you profoundly analyze your customers’ behavior, the way they navigate through your website, and your website aspects that potentially make them go away. 

PRICE: from $29 per month


9. Intercom

Customer Support Solution Intercom
Finally, Intercom is one of our top choices of of 9 live chat software to help your ecommerce business boost sales. This is owed to the fact that it represents a simple yet highly useful set of tools that take your communication with customers to a higher level. Even though Intercom’s main targets are big companies, if you’re willing to invest in a high-quality solution, it can be an amazing option for small businesses as well. The main factor to the great results that Intercom provides is the fact that it can practically automate every aspect of your support. Let’s check how.

What makes Intercom a perfect candidate for the best live chat software for eCommerce?

1. It helps you to filter and approach different groups of your (potential) customers in no time. Practically speaking, it makes it possible for you to effortlessly send mass messages to your filtered audience range in just a couple of seconds.
2. It comes with the feature that allows you to send proactive behavior-triggered messages. This way, you can get in touch with your customers and try to answer their potential concerns even before they try to share them with your agents. 
3. It offers the possibility of email integration. Accordingly, with Intercom, it becomes easier for your business to analyze the performance of your email marketing campaigns from the perspective of your support efficiency. 
4. It is absolutely mobile-friendly, letting you communicate with your customers from any device, including Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, and web-based solutions. 

PRICE: from $49 per month


Summing Up: How To Choose The Best Live Chat Software For eCommerce

These were top 9 live chat software to help your ecommerce business boost sales. Now, what’s the best live chat software for eCommerce in some other companies may be a bad choice for your business. And that’s why you should remember that your choice of features should be based on the nature of your organization.
What matters the most is that you try to make a selection of those that seem to suit your needs and test their performance before making a final decision. And to make sure that your preferred live chat software has optimal performance when testing it, you should evaluate its simplicity and flexibility, as well as automation and integration possibilities.
Finally, remember to pay attention to different pricing plans, as well. Don’t forget that the best live chat software for eCommerce is the one that provides a perfect balance between the investment you make and the value you get from it.  

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