End To End Delivery Management for Global E-Commerce Shipping

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How Floship Manages the End to End Delivery Of Your Shipment- Floship

Different distribution centers handle the delivery of your shipments in different ways.

But because most e-commerce business owners find that order fulfillment is fraught with a variety of challenges, there is a need to pick the right partners to deliver your shipments. If you don’t, you could end up with more headaches than necessary.
It should be your goal to find a scalable solution that solves the problem of order fulfillment for good. When you can trust your partners, you can spend more of your time focused on high-level business-growing activities.
Here is how Floship manages the end to end delivery of your shipment:

Order Processing

Every delivery begins with order processing, a complex, multi-step process that’s mostly comprised of the flow of information from order placement and payment to labeling and shipment.
As you can imagine, all obstacles that could get in the way of this information flow need to be curtailed and eliminated. The faster the order can be processed, the sooner you can get goods into the hands of your customers.
The sooner your customers get their orders, the happier they will be. The happier they are, the more likely they are to give you more of their business in the future.


As long as physical goods exist, there will always be a need to sort and organize them in a warehouse, and be able to pick and pack them in an efficient manner.
Not long ago, these tasks were all handled manually. Today, they can be automated and performed faster and more accurately with the combined use of manpower, technology and software applications, hardware and machinery, as well as processes and systems that ensure that the proper steps are taken at each stage.
Warehousing today isn’t just about storage. It’s about getting from order processing to shipment in the least amount of time possible. Speedy delivery ensures consumer satisfaction.

Transport & Logistics

Just because you have a route mapped out for the shipment of products to various regions doesn’t mean that you have the most time and cost-efficient delivery chain worked out. In fact, many e-commerce businesses either don’t have the time or the right connections to be able to work out the most optimized logistics.

  • Are your products stored in a central hub that’s ready to distribute orders to worldwide markets?
  • Do you have access to a variety of courier rates depending on what you’re shipping, and where you’re shipping to?
  • Do your costs fluctuate depending on what services you’re using, and are you locked into contracts that you can’t get out of?

These are key questions to consider in creating a plan for the transport and logistics of your goods.

Fulfillment & Delivery

Ultimately, none of the above matters if packages don’t arrive at the doorsteps of your customers safe, sound, and on time. This is why you need to be able to trust the fulfillment centre you’re working with.
If the longevity of your business is important to you – and it probably is – you need to take every step possible to keep your customers happy. This is impossible if orders arrive late, damaged, or broken.
You need to be able to keep a finger on the pulse of your supply chain in order to place confidence in the services and partners you are using.


  • Is your current end-to-end delivery solution letting you down?
  • Are you paying too much for fulfillment?
  • Are your customers not getting their orders in the expected time?

Only you can answer these questions, but if cost-efficiency and scalability are important to you, it’s something you need to be evaluating on an ongoing basis.
Once you’re ready for a more elegant and streamlined solution to your fulfillment woes, it may be to time to look into what Floship can offer you.

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