How Graphic Design Can Make or Break Traffic to Your eCommerce Store

Graphic Design affects eCommerce traffic
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When your audience or customers browse through your eCommerce website, one of the first things that grabs their attention is the design of your website. The design sends a message to them about you, your business and your brand which can make or break traffic to your eCommerce store. This might seem unrealistic but the design of your website can affect your search engine optimization, and therefore can definitely affect your website traffic.

How Graphic Design Can Make or Break Traffic to Your eCommerce Store

Your business is judged by how your website looks

What people see when they visit your website decides how they judge you or your business. This is because your graphic design tells the story of your business to potential customers. Some potential clients and customers can even decide that based on the design of your website, you are unprofessional. A potential client who is not pleased with the design of your website can simply walk away and search for another company or business to fulfill his or her needs just based on the impression he/she got from your website.

Your website design affects your website mobile responsiveness

These days, most people prefer to search for things on the internet and browse the internet with their mobile phones. Mobile eCommerce sales increase year by year. So, what happens when you have a website that is hard to navigate and access with mobile phones? You lose potential customers. A few seconds delay in your website loading speed reduces your potential customers’ satisfaction with you and your business. Some customers won’t even wait for your website to load, many would just walk away.
Meanwhile, mobile responsive design can greatly increase your traffic and therefore may have more people purchase goods on your eCommerce store. Some detail-oriented professional businesses or individuals who want to hire you might even check your website desktop and mobile view just to check how professional your business is. Your website should be mobile optimized so that animations, colors, fonts, and navigation should be similar in functionality to the desktop view of your website. This way, potential customers can spend more time on your website whether they’re using their phone or desktop.

The design of your website can make navigation of your website difficult

When potential customers visit your website, they expect to be able to easily navigate your website. The design of your website directly affects navigation. Imagine visiting an eCommerce site where you can’t find where to place your order, where to check prices, where to find the product that you are looking for or the right size, etc. The odds are you are going to walk away and whenever you hear about that business, the first word that comes to your mind is unprofessional.
Your graphic design should make user navigation easier, not difficult. Aesthetics is not everything and you don’t need a website full of animations if you want to convert a potential customer to a loyal customer. You just need a great web design that is simple and works well with your brand and colors.

The design of your website can affect your website’s SEO

Your website’s SEO is important to your traffic because that is how you can get traffic free of charge from search engines like Google. If you do a good job on SEO, you would rank higher on search engine result pages which will bring in potential customers that can be converted to customers.
But how can your webdesign affect your SEO? You may or may not know this but even the font of your website can affect your website traffic and SEO. How? The readability of your website content is a very important part of search engine optimization. If your website has weird fonts that are hard to read or the background color of your website is clashing with the color of your fonts, most people visiting your website may not be able to read the contents of your website. This might make potential customers leave your website which increases your bounce rate and this in turn affects your SEO scores.

The attractiveness of banners and call-to-actions affect your website traffic

Banners and call-to-actions convert visitors to customers, draw people in to sign up to get notifications for new content, new products or blog posts and bring old visitors back to your website. When these banners and call-to-actions look nice and attractive, people will definitely do what you want and this increases conversions and customer/visitor retention. However, if they do not, people won’t even consider your call-to-action.


Your design can affect your eCommerce business a great deal. It can and will affect your website traffic and your website’s search engine optimization positively or negatively. Therefore, when you’re hiring a graphic designer for your website, you need to be careful to take note of the color schemes, fonts and the general graphic design you want to incorporate into your website’s design. 


Susan Saurel is a qualified teacher of higher category, PM in an IT company, a passionate writer for essay pro reviews. In her free time, she likes to contribute articles about business and education sphere or spend this time traveling with her children. 

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