Floship Featured in KPMG Report: Outlook for Ecommerce in Hong Kong

Steve Suh, Floship Cofounder, Feature
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Floship’s co-founder, Steve Suh, was featured in the recent KPMG report — Outlook for Ecommerce in Hong Kong.

Compared to their counterparts across the border, to date, shoppers in Hong Kong have been less keen to go online to buy what they want.
Given the city’s high-population density, its large number of easily accessible outlets and malls, and its fast, reliable transport infrastructure, it’s hardly surprising that going to the shops is seen as a convenient option.
But while Hong Kong consumers’ love affair with the mall and physical stores doesn’t look set to end, it could increasingly be tempered by their equally strong affection for mobile and other technology.
Almost half of Hong Kong consumers now say they plan to make more purchases in the next two years via their mobile phones than they have previously.
With storage and distribution costs relatively high in Hong Kong and, until recently, a ready supply of tourists eager to visit their shops, local retailers haven’t been under great pressure to diversify their sales channels. 

(excerpted from the Executive Summary)


You can download the full report here, the whole thing is worth a read.


Table of Contents: Case Studies

Table of Contents

Delivering on Digital Technology’s Possibilities:

Floship Founder Interview KPMG

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