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5 Top-Rated Sales Support Tools You Might Have Missed

If you’re using the Magento platform to build your e-commerce business, it’s important you understand the extra features available to you.

While the basic platform is terrific, Magento gets even more spectacular when you integrate multiple extensions into your e-commerce website.

Luckily for today’s Magento users, there are more impressive extensions than ever before.
Adding sales support extensions to your online business is a great way to increase your customer acquisition rate while improving sales at the same time.
If you like the sound of extra profits at the end of the year, consider incorporating the following five top-rated Magento extensions into your website.


Userlike Magento Plugin
The Userlike extension lets you instantly add SMS and chat support to your Magento website.
This add-on integrates with both Facebook Messenger and Apple’s Telegram.
Converse in real-time with your customers on topics ranging from product specifics to shipping information. When you’re looking for a way to increase your e-commerce conversions, this extension might be just the tool you’re looking for.

Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together function
The Frequently Bought Together extension lets you showcase related products on each of your e-commerce product pages. Increase your average sales totals by encouraging customers to purchase multiple items at a time.
Be sure to install the Aheadworks extension prior to installing the Frequently Bought Together extension and you’ll be on your way to increased sales in no time.

Subscribe at Checkout

Subscribe at Checkout Extentions
When you want to increase your email subscriber rate, add the Subscribe at Checkout extension to your Magento site.
This handy add-on lets you gather customer email addresses as part of your checkout process.
Online business owners who use the power of email marketing to connect with consumers have a much greater chance of repeat customers and increased annual sales.

Split Order on Checkout

Split Order Magento Plugin
The Split Order on Checkout extension is an excellent option if customer happiness is your top priority (and it should be!). This helpful add-on lets your customers fill their e-commerce shopping basket as they please and then split their order upon payment. Especially handy during the holiday season for Christmas shoppers, this is one of those tools that will make your customers wish other vendors were as thoughtful as you.

Pixlogix Blog

For Magento e-commerce merchants who want to supercharge their sales support efforts, the Pixlogix Blog extension is a must-discover resource.
Instantly add a blog to your e-commerce site and keep your customers informed of all your latest product news.
Your new Magento blog allows you to customize author information, posting date data, blog post categories, and post tags too. You can even turn on comments on your blog so your customers can leave feedback on your blog posts. Blogging is awesome for e-commerce SEO.

Magento is a powerful platform for e-commerce merchants focused on customer service and product discovery.

Adding Magento extensions to your website supercharges the potential of your online venture.
If you’re ready to go all-in on your entrepreneurial venture, check out these five extensions for yourself. They’re only a small sampling of the awesome Magento resources you have at your disposal.
And, don’t forget, once you’re up and running with your Magento and you are getting more than 300 orders a month internationally, Floship has their own Magento extension that allows you to connect your store to our outsourced warehouses so once your customer makes a purchase and it is approved by you–the order will be relayed to a Floship warehouse and automatically shipped to any country in the world.
Find out how Floship can improve your international fulfillment and take advantage of the Floship-Magento extension.

Find out how to Automate your Magento Order Fulfillment process with the Magento + Floship Integration here!

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