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Why You Need To Accelerate Your E-Commerce Solution- Floship

Is your e-commerce business ready for growth?

If this is the first business you’ve ever built, or if you don’t have lot of experience in e-commerce, odds are you answered “no”, or perhaps even “I don’t know.”

The reality is that most businesses find growth challenging.
As demand begins to increase, business owners find it difficult to cope with more orders, more customer queries, and more employees to train and manage.
But if you can get your warehouse figured out, when you can get your picking, packing and shipping processes down to a science, then you’ll be ready to scale your business when the time comes.
Here are several reasons why you need to accelerate your e-commerce solution:

If You Don’t, You’ll Have A Hard Time Keeping Your Customers Happy

The number one reason you need to accelerate your e-commerce solution is to keep your customers happy.
They don’t necessarily care about what happens behind the scenes – organizing your inventory, picking products from the warehouse, packing them in appropriate boxes, shipping them out using the most cost-and-time efficient solutions, and so on.
What they care about is that products are delivered to their door on time, undamaged. They want the products to be up to the quality they expected them to be, and they want questions, exchanges and returns dealt with as soon as possible.

If that sounds unreasonable, then you aren’t adequately prepared for the new stresses and demands growth will bring in your business.

Your e-commerce solution needs to be fast, reliable, and predictable.

If You Don’t, Your Business Will Incur Unwanted Expenses

It has often been said that time is money, but this cliché certainly seems applicable to e-commerce, where the loyalty of the customer largely depends on speed and accuracy of delivery, in addition to customer service excellence.

  • But what happens when you don’t have the right infrastructure in place?
  • What happens when you don’t have the right software and hardware solutions to manage your warehouse?
  • What happens when your employees don’t know what they need to do or what’s expected of them due to a lack of processes and systems?

You may end up having to fire and replace employees, which can be a costly proposition. You may have to deal with a large number of returns due to confusion in the warehouse. You may have to keep your employees at work for longer, due to the inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your fulfillment process.
The only way to be profitable in e-commerce business is to keep costs down, and to protect your profit. This is why you require an accelerated solution.

If You Don’t, You’ll Miss Out On New Opportunities

There are many entrepreneurs, investors and marketers out there looking for the right opportunity.

  • But how likely is an entrepreneur to partner with you if they can’t count on you do deliver products in a timely fashion?
  • How likely is an investor to give you a cash injection if your business is not systemized?
  • How likely is an affiliate marketer to work with you if you have droves of poor customer reviews?

It’s sad to think that these opportunities won’t come your way if your business doesn’t work like a well-oiled machine, but reality can sometimes be harsh.

What opportunities to pursue is entirely up to you and whatever goals you have for your business.

But if you aren’t ready to take things to the next level, you can’t expect new offers to come rolling in all on their own.

Final Thoughts

One way to streamline processes is by trial and error.
It’s a long and difficult road, but if you stick with it, you should be able to identify bottlenecks in your business and deal with them.
Even better, the most famous high growth companies are following a framework of trial and error that has been responsible for the entrepreneurial boom of the last decades–namely the Lean Startup Movement. A structured framework of experimentation and discovery that moves companies forward.
Another way is to apply the systems others have already outlined. You can take advantage of the many resources that are out there, and put them to use.

Unfortunately, you don’t always know whether or not they’re going to work, and they could end up costing you a significant amount of money.

Finally, you can rely on outsourced fulfillment.
As long as you make it a point to look into the company you’re looking to work with, you will be able to find a partner that you can trust.
Interested  in ecommerce fulfillment from one centralized warehouse?
Look no further–you have found your place:
Floship offers great shipping options worldwide, we area standing by to ensure that you have a great year.
Go here, enter you details, an we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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